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This Dark Souls 3 rap made by a fan is worthy of chart-topping status. The music industry is flooded with songs that revolve around varying subjects but not a lot of artists focus on video games. You’d think that as gaming is now one of the biggest industries in the world it would have more sway in other areas of entertainment.

We are starting to see more quality movie adaptations now-a-days, but music? Alas not, until now that is. As this collaboration between fans and rap artists demonstrates, there is most certainly a place for video games in the music charts.

JT Machinima is a YouTube channel that focuses on creating modern raps for video games. Their channel is loaded with quality tracks that are all deserving of equal praise but this Dark Souls 3 rap is just epic.

The video not only has a badass rap with killer accompaniment but the music video is made with actual Dark Souls 3 footage. It is edited together from gameplay and cut scenes and all comes together into a brilliant Lincoln Park/Eminem type track.

Take a look and see what you think – this is gold and available on ITunes!

Convinced? There is definitely room for video game based rap! Don’t forget that the channel has many other rap covers from many other games. Anything from Overwatch to Quantum Break -- these guys have it all.

What did you make of the Dark Souls rap?


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