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Twitch is arguably one of the largest video media websites on the Internet. Similar to YouTube, anyone and everyone can start up a channel just by making an account and getting a game capture program, a webcam, or both.

That being said, there are plenty of streams to choose from on a day-to-day basis. However, I've taken it upon myself to give you a guide to a variety of streams that range from size and type of game or activity involved with said channel. We'll start from the largest and move down to the smaller streams, providing as much notable information as possible:

The Regulars

These are the types of streamers where you can search a game and there they are, top of the list. Walking into one of these streams, you'll find yourself in a massive community of fans. These people usually focus on one specific game to better build their community and brand. If you're interested in more socially based games like Hearthstone and League of Legends, these are the kind of people to look for. However, I am not really familiar with these casters, so I've set up two "variety" casters, which I'll get into later.

Tangent Gaming

Tangent is someone whose stream I will jump into from time to time. I found him by another streamer mentioning his WWE streams. I was watching that streamer's VOD and Tangent was live so I stepped into watching Freddy Fazbear (Five Night's at Freddy's) wrestle Slenderman (Creepy Pasta character). It turns out that Tangent runs a tournament once a week where he pits AI with skins from the WWE Community against each other and the people in chat can place bets using in stream currency.

Tangent is a Partner and anyone that subscribes will receive "a gong ring in your honor" or "a bell ring in your honor" for a follow. Along with these weekly events, Tangent will jump between games and spend days at a time streaming games (usually RPGs) ranging anywhere from Stardew Valley to Dark Souls. He starts at 10 am EST and has a legendary beard to go along with his amazing voice.


Brotatoe is a variety caster that likes to keep things as random as possible. The only constant is his determination to start a full playthrough of a game on Tuesdays. Otherwise, he'll jump from Uncharted 4 to DOOM to Secret Hitler all in a week.

Brotatoe tends to start off his streams just chatting with the chat which really sets a comfortable tone for the stream. Brotatoe is a Partner which means custom emotes to subscribers. He streams 6 days a week, though I don't know which day of the week he doesn't stream (consistency doesn't seem to be all there from what I can see from his VODs), starting at 10 am EST.

The Comfortably Sized

If massive, singular game streamers don't really suit your interest, I'd look into what are known as "variety" casters in that these people have a decent sized fanbase, a lively chat, and user-streamer dialogues are always on the table. Often times, these people have established themselves by pursuing the things they enjoy and have found a fanbase that wants to enjoy it with them. These are the kinds of streams I personally have found literal days of entertainment in over the past few years.


Librizzi is something of a variety caster, but he's recently taken up The Culling which is a multiplayer game similar to that of The Hunger Games, but with an announcer with a dark sense of humor. Librizzi's just out to have fun. Dialogue with the chat is constant and he's a Partner so that means custom emotes for subscribers.

He also has a tendency towards playing games with his fans, so this guy is definitely someone to look into for some fun. I don't know too much about him; however, I do know that he casts daily excluding Thursdays starting at 10 am EST. The streams seem to go anywhere between 8 and 11 hours, so it's easy to just come and chill with him for a while.


Hearthstone is this guy's business. While I myself am not too huge a fan, this guy is essentially a professional with the game. He's not the type to just straight play the game silently, he'll give tips and explain his strategies as he goes. He also offers people the opportunity to privately ask for advice via DM on Twitch or his email address.

He also has Partner status and provides some interesting perks to subscribers besides your regular custom emotes: Opportunities to battle against him in Hearthstone and a monthly giveaway to subs with his own form of a "Loot Crate." He streams every day except Thursday starting at 3 pm PST.

Matt Melvin

There's a lot I could say about Matt and if I did, we'd be here for days. I've been watching this guy since around March or April of 2014 and his stream has come a long way since then. He's now a Partner with several custom emotes and a great fanbase wherein I've made friendships that brought me to the remaining 4 streamers on this list.

His name may be familiar because he was a co-founder of Cyanide and Happiness. He's still a great guy that streams all kinds of games from Dark Souls to Pony Island and everything weird and exciting in between. He starts at 10 am PST and has recently changed his schedule to Monday-Friday. He used to do drinking streams on Sunday and that may be moved to a different day, but regardless, I love this guy. I've had a lot of laughs because of and with him, so give him a follow if you have a chance.

Austen Marie

Austen is a close friend of Matt's and she's found her niche in the Creative section of Twitch. Creative is essentially a place where you can show off whatever kind of art you want. Austen usually does art streams, but will also jump into a game every now and again where it be ARK or Layers of Fear. She also does drinking streams on Saturday nights where she brings the entertainment of an art stream and combines it with drinking and usually talking with some of her friends on Skype or inviting them over to hang out.

If I had to sum her streams up in one sentence I'd say come for the art, stay for the sarcasm. She streams every day except Friday and Sunday starting at 3 pm PST. Also, she's got a 25 hour stream coming this Friday which is always a fun time for everyone! Small plug for her: She takes commissions, the submission information can be found on her profile page.

The Close Friends

Honestly, I think these are the people that resonate most strongly with me. Matt and Austen are great; I love them and have known them for well over two years now, but these small, budding streams are the ones that I truly enjoy. Sure, there's only twenty of us at a time, but for those of us that are around, you get real one on one interaction with the streamer.

You're almost guaranteed to have a conversation with the streamer and become fast friends, too. That's not something I expected when I first found Matt on Twitch, but because of him I found these three or even Austen. That being said, I hope that these three and the preceding two really come from the heart. Even if this article gets lengthy because of it, I feel it's worth showing people what these streamers bring to the table in the best way possible.


Just like the adorable art seen above, Foxy (Faxy, Foxeh, Alaina) is a mod to Matt and Austen, a part time streamer, and friend to all. This Canadian streamer tends to jump around with the games she plays, but she's recently taken up The Sims 4 for a good portion of her streams before jumping into other games. She also runs a Dungeons and Dragons (Draygons) podcast each Monday featuring herself, Matt, Ninja, and a few others.

The D&D streams are on Mondays at 7 and the Friday streams vary in time. She's also known to occasionally do impromptu streams way late at night when chat gets real with the few of us hangin' out at the time. Though not at Partner status, she's got a great and loving fan base that includes people from Matt, Austen, Ninja, and Bloody's streams. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet and hang out with her as much as I have. She deserves all the love in the world even if she was a bit shocked when I approached her with the idea of this article.


This Greek beauty is Eleni (also known as Bloody). Bloody enjoys playing games with friends (especially golf cause she's the best at it), playing a variety of horror games, and singing on stream. She's part of a streaming team known as "The Necronomicon" which involves several other streamers that are avid horror fans. Lots of music is involved with this girl, so if that's what you're up for you should definitely come by! Sadly, she's moving to LA in a few days, so her streams will not be happening for at least a week. She will, however, be coming by for Austen's 25 hour stream, so you could meet her then if you so choose.

She's also got a Discord server (as does Foxy) wherein you can hang out and chat all you want - it's usually quite lively. Bloody is also really sweet, doing what she can for her friends via donation rallies. She's currently considering doing more of these streams where she raises money for someone in chat (known as "break" streams). When she finally gets her stream up and running again, she'll most likely return to her daily stream format. Until then, you can find her on Discord or look into some of the other fine streams on this list.


Ninja really likes multiplayer games. He mostly plays The Culling and H1Z1, but he'll also jump into a horror game at night every now and again. However, with the release of Overwatch, he'll probably stick to that for a while. Ninja is a close friend of Foxy's, a mod for Matt, and I consider him a friend of mine, too. He's always got music going and laughing with people in chat. He streams pretty much every day at 10 am or somewhere around there. I'd recommend jumping into his Discord server to get a better feel for when he's streaming.

If you're looking for a laugh and just a really chill stream, stop by and hang out with Ninja for a few hours. As I said with Foxy, this guy deserves all the love you can give for being constantly fun and inviting. He calls himself "a pleb streamer," but you won't find anyone quite like him around Twitch.

Bonus: Halo

So, as a thank you for making it this far, I wanted to include one last stream to round out the list. The Halo Channel streams events from the Halo Championship Series which is a competition between Halo players both online and at LAN events for cash prizes provided by 343 Industries and Microsoft. The LAN events are streamed usually on the weekends and if you're into video game competitions, I definitely recommend these events. On top of the great action and commentary, Monster Cat provides music during the "commercial" breaks. Monster Cat is a record label that signs independent electronic artists and the music they put out is spectacular.

Well, that's basically all I've got in terms of the people I feel deserve some love on Twitch. Feel free to post your recommendations in the comments if there's anyone you'd like me to look into.

Oh and one last thought to leave you with:


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