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Ever since I was a small child, I've enjoyed playing Pokemon. It's groundbreaking! It's immersive! And Pokemon is one of the cornerstones of Nintendo! Let me explain!

Pokemon is groundbreaking! It doesn't matter if you're playing the original Red and Blue Versions, or Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. It started out as the fastest selling Game Boy game ever. Billions upon billions of children (including myself) ate this game series like candy. I remember when I was six years old, and I got Pokemon Blue Version for my birthday. I played it endlessly for hours upon hours! It was so groundbreaking, I never played anything like it! I just had to catch them all (or at least try). I can't begin to imagine how many batteries my old Game Boy wore out playing Pokemon. One of the groundbreaking aspects is that I could play it anywhere! I didn't have to plug it into my tv. I could play it in the car, in my room, or at my grandmother's house. At this age, I didn't really understand what an RPG was. I didn't care. I just loved this game! Pokemon is so groundbreaking, over billions of copies have been sold. And that includes all of the spinoff games! The late nineteen-ninties were really a great time to be a gamer. Also Pokemon inspired a hit anime cartoon, a highly addictive trading card game, and dozens upon dozens of toys. I could go on for hours explaining why Pokemon is so groundbreaking, but that's enough!

Pokemon is so immersive! You start out as a trainer that you can give a name to, and you're set off into the massive world inhabited by dozens upon dozens of different types of Pokemon. You can play as over hundreds of different characters to battle for glory!! As a Pokemon trainer, you catch, train, and level up your monster buddies. You come across different trainers and compete. As you win, you gain money. And if you defeat special trainers, you will receive badges that will allow you access to the Pokemon League. In the Pokemon League, you face off with the best of the best! So you'd better train long and hard! Playing this immersive game over the years has given me countless memories. I defeated Team Rocket, and bested my pixelated rival. In Pokemon, I have traveled all through Kanto, Johto, Hoehn, and more!!! Another immersive aspect of Pokemon is that you can trade and battle with your friends who have different copies of the game. Back in the day, you needed a special link cable for the Game Boy. Luckily today, the Nintendo 3DS is able to connect wirelessly through wi-fi. My older brother usually beat me. But that's ok! I loved battling with my Pokemon. Pokemon is so immersive, it would take years to explain!

For twenty glorious years, Pokemon has been one of the great cornerstones of Nintendo. Nintendo really has made a home for Pokemon. Whenever people think of Nintendo, some will think of Zelda or Super Mario. But some, will think of Pokemon. And why not? Pokemon has arguably one of the biggest video game fanbases of all time. This game series is just that good! The mascot, Pikachu, is actually also the mascot of Japan's Soccer team. How awesome is that!?!? And finally, Pokemon is one of the most successful video games ever! I hope when I have children, Pokemon will still continue. And I'll be able to play against my children in order to share my memories with this wonderful video game.

Ever since I was six years old, I loved playing Pokemon!! It's groundbreaking and immersive. And it's one of the cornerstones of Nintendo! This game is awesome. Period. Pokemon is rated "E" for Everyone.


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