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Rob Harris

Following behind those lucky Japanese, Australian and Kiwi trainers who've already had a chance to test out Pokémon GO, Americans can now step up for their turn to swipe 'em all.

Developer Niantic, best known for their previous augmented reality mobile game Ingress, has invited the US to begin live field testing, designed to iron out the game's kinks prior to release.

How do I sign up?

Unfortunately, this isn't an open beta. There are a few stipulations for applying to take part in Pokémon GO's field testing, all of which can be found on Niantic's website. Before you rush to sign up quicker than Ash on his 10th birthday, know that you need an iPhone 5 running iOS 8 and higher, or a smartphone with Android 4.3.

Even then, there's still no guarantee applicants will be accepted. Testers are selected with a number of factors in mind, including previous experience for AR games as well as OS types.

If you think you fit the bill then register your interest here and keep those half-gloved fingers crossed for an invitation!


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