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Whispers surrounding Nintendo over the last few years have been filled with world firsts and second chances, but there's none as mind-boggling as the reports that Nintendo are planning on heading back into the cinema.

Earlier this year, Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto discussed how the big N, as an entertainment company, were looking into various alternative streams of raking in revenue, and how the giants were not opposed to that including a return to movies.

Now it seems as if that notion has been solidified as Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima has confirmed the heady rumors.

Nintendo Are Heading Back Into The Cinema

In an interview with Japanese publication Asahi Shimbun, translated by Kyle McLain, Kimishima-san was candid as he revealed their plans which include a movie release in the next 5 years.

NeoGAF user GSR went further and translated the interview, discovering that Nintendo has been in discussion with "a number of partners", and are hoping something concrete transpires in the not-too-distant future.

And if we worried that these plans may birth a feature as divisive as the Super Mario Bros. movie, Kimishima-san plans for their efforts to not be licensed:

"That live-action film didn't do particularly well at the box office. From now on we'd like to do things ourselves more than just license something."

So does that pour water on Sony Pictures' rumored Super Mario animated feature?

Nintendo Movies I'd Love To See

So naturally my mind got to running. Which Nintendo IPs would be in with a chance of having a spectacular turn out on the silver screen? I mean, it's Nintendo! They have a whole host of great characters, like:

Samus Aran

A total no-brainer. Whether live-action or animated, a movie that takes us on an adventure into the belly of space-evil with the first lady of video game bounty hunters would be exceptional. Imagine they filmed portions with VR in mind, meaning you could pop on a headset and view the action from Samus' point of view...


Hearts were broken by the emergence and crushing of a rumored Zelda live-action series on Netflix, but a franchise with the scope and gravitas as The Legend of Zelda would be an easy choice for the green-light. But would it be best to run with a story already told, or should a new era for the Hero of Time be created?


No world as expansive as Fire Emblem's should be left untouched. The tales of the founding of the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia and the War of Liberation could be split into episodic features used to bring the series' wonderful back story to a wider audience and birth even more fans for the hit franchise.

What do you think?

What Nintendo IP would you love to see in the cinema?

(Source: Gamespot, Twitter, NeoGAF)


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