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Back in 2011 developer Mojang officially launched Minecraft 1.0, sparking a global phenomenon on a scale no one quite anticipated. 5 years, 14 supported platforms and 100 million registered players later, the block-building sandbox is still going strong, with a highly creative and endlessly committed fan base that continues to show their love for the game in new and delightfully surprising ways.

Take Reddit user r/ZloYxp, who recently posted a series of charming drawings inspired by vanilla Minecraft's original achievements. The artwork can be found below.

But what's even cooler is the fact that you can watch the talented artist produce the drawings in real time on this YouTube channel. If you're watching Notch, this adorable achievement art should be included in the actual game -- they add so much personality to an already awesome franchise!

Getting wood


Time to mine

Time to farm

Time to strike

Monster hunter

Break bread

Cow tipper

Hot topic

Acquire hardware


Getting upgrade

On a rail!

[Source: ZloYxp]


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