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Before my first, great gaming rig decided to die a stuttering death on me, halfway through a replay of Portal 2 I may add, one of my greatest PC gaming moments came from my time with Dishonored.

Skulking around the many banisters and building façades of Dunwall with abilities best reserved for minds of the creators of brilliant dark fantasies was something I never thought I thirsted for. But I did, and it quenched admirably.

And with how close to perfect Dishonored came to be, I was a little worried with the news that the game would be getting the sequel treatment. But with the latest info surrounding Dishonored 2 and the incoming new screenshots, I'm pretty much bursting with anticipation for the game's inevitable E3 reveal.

Wrap your eyes around these:

To Protect And Serve

Happy Endings

Let Off Some Steam, Bennett

It won't be friendly, that's for sure
It won't be friendly, that's for sure

Lofty Perch

Happy To See You Too

Wooden Mechanical Robots?!


Home Away From Home

What We Know About 'Dishonored 2'

The first most striking detail about the Dishonored series is its stunning designs, whether that be Dunwall itself, the aesthetics of its towns and vehicles and the fact that every inhabitant is defined and suitably weather beaten. Everything looks lovingly crafted and, as such, has a story to tell.

And Dishonored 2 looks to carry on that tradition by taking us from the darkened hues of Dunwall, to the beautiful, coastal nooks of Karnaca, which looks akin to a Southern European paradise, or, perhaps, King's Landing... which is anything but paradise, but you get what I'm getting at.

Concept art for Dishonored 2
Concept art for Dishonored 2

Returning to the fray 15 years after the events of the Dunwall Plague will be Corvo who, alongside an adult Emily Kaldwin, will be the game's protagonists. You'll be offered the choice of who to play as, and will be stuck to that particular character throughout the duration of that particular save.

Emily & Corvo
Emily & Corvo

Emily, who was usurped as Empress and dethroned, and Corvo will interact with one of video games' most exciting voice casts, which contains two stars of Netflix and Marvel's Daredevil in the immense Vincent D'Onofrio and brilliant Rosario Dawson as the Duke of Serkonos and Meagan Foster respectively.

Something bad's afoot in Karnaca
Something bad's afoot in Karnaca

Corvo's skillset will remain the same, with Blink, Bend Time, Possession, Devouring Swarm, Dark Vision, Wind Blast having been tweaked slightly. And a new ability to branch skills has been introduced, which means you will be able to mix abilities to be an even bigger bastard to your foes.

Most interestingly though is it seems Emily's skillset goes even darker into the arts of the Outsider's Mark. Far Reach, which is similar to Corvo's Blink ability, has Emily flinging herself around buildings, not too dissimilar to a very familiar wall-crawler. She fires out an invisible grappling hook which propels her.

Far Reach
Far Reach

Dopplegänger allows her to create a fully functioning double that can fight, Mesmerize lets your opponents view a terror best reserved for their darkest nightmares, Domino attaches the life force of different enemies together, meaning if you throw one off a building, they all tumble together.

And most terrifying of the lot is Shadow Walk which turns Em into a puff of black smoke. This can be used to fit through tight gaps or to tear a motherf**ker apart limb from limb, if that's how you choose to go about your day.


What do you make of that?

I absolutely cannot wait for Bethesda's E3 keynote. Dishonored 2 looks like it will be an absolute treat, and a worthy sequel for an utterly spellbinding game.


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