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In the run up to Pokemon Sun & Moon, the reveal of Generation VII's starters, and the universal disappointment that Popplio has provided all of us, I thought that it was best to show that many starters have brought us to our knees in tears before. But there have been some gems that follow you all the way on your path to Pokemon Champion!

As, after all, if you're going to make adorable little animals fight against their will for you then you might as well get one that's good at it.

Now, let's start with the absolute worst of the bunch! Not everyone will agree with this choice but I have decided to put the bottom starters in:

The Pit of Shame

Oh, you thought this was just going to be a conventional list? Well, you are wrong! I have devised a position beyond ranking for the Generation V starters as they have no place in my heart whatsoever, their appearance and design put me off immediately like a tramp being sprayed by Aseptopol. Although if i must give them a position it would be:

18 = Tepig

17 = Oshawatt

16= Snivy

Honestly, I just plainly dislike this generation and believe they have the worst starters of all! While it may not be fair to judge them without utilising their skill sets, we all know that they deserve this position of the bottom of the barrel. Their cuteness cannot redeem them any longer...

The Real Ranking!

Okay, now the proper ranking will commence. As three starters from the Unova region have been purged, the only viable 15 will now be sentenced to deat.. uh.. I mean logical judgement.

15 - Chikorita

This one may be adorable but it's lack of defence and its further evolutions looking lame has caused it to be just above the Pit of Shame!

14 - Turtwig

This little turtle evolves to be the slowest starter of them all and the rip off Bulbasaur vibe just frankly disappoints me.

13 - Fennekin

Not the greatest Fire-type of all the starters, personally not a great fan of psychic types either. Although it does gain some pretty sweet special attack stats in its final evolution!

12 - Chespin

The heightened defence makes Chespin crawl up the list in regards to the Grass-types!

11 - Piplup

Piplup wins the award for most adorable creature! But that doesn't win many points here i'm afraid, but his final evolution Empoleon is pretty sweet so it may be worth sticking with our little penguin here for that purpose.

10 - Chimchar

This Hot headed monkey is my personal favourite of that generation and its Fire/Fighting type gives it some great moves for any newcomer to wok with!

9 - Torchic

The greatest Fire N' Fighting of them all! The only way that this fire chicken would make it higher on the list, is if it was deep fried.

8 - Froakie

The ninja frog is a good Water-type all in all, and it's my favourite of generation 6! This little fellow never let me down in our adventures through Pokemon Y..okay, maybe a few times..but he's still great nonetheless!

7 - Totodile

The design for Totodile is amazing! A water type that looks like a crocodile? Brilliant. This critter can do some pretty powerful damage when fully grown.

6 - Cyndaquil

Okay, i'm sorry. I am letting the cuteness sway me slightly on this one, although I have always revered this fireball in high regard! Mix him up with some good fire based moves and you'll have a grand time stomping over your enemies.

5 - Mudkip

Mudkip may have a vacant expression that implies he doesn't have a clue about anything. But, don't let that fool you as the Water/Ground capabilities of this starter make it a well balanced parter to have and a formidable foe for those hiding in the tall grass.

4 - Bulbasaur

C'mon, I know this guy gets alot of hate but it was only right to put him in the top five as he is an OG Kanto boy after all! Although his best move takes a pee break to charge, this one is a true gem and is severely under appreciated.

3 - Squirtle

Squirtle was the only Pokemon that I would ever give a name to. I would always call them "Sheldon", this combined with the fact that Squirtle is by far the best Water-typer and an absolute tank gives it a lovely Bronze Pokeball as a prize for being in the top three!

2 - Treecko

I was late to the party when it came to playing the Pokemon video games, so that lead to Pokemon Emerald being my first. I was always hugely into the show and toys growing up but the game just blew my mind! And Treecko was my first ever starter Pokemon and he was there when I smashed my first ever Pokemon Championship! He is fast and packs a huge punch with it. But, alas the number 1 spot is reserved for another...

1 - Charmander

Charmander will always be my favourite starter and my favourite Pokemon in general! It's evolution of Charizard is extremely strong and will dominate pretty much anything you throw in it's path. This is the real Poke MVP! No other Pocket Monster is more cool or badass than Charizard, enough said.


Well there you have it! Ya'll know this is just my opinion right? I am prepared for the crucifixion I will receive from all the devout fans out there, but if it's any consolation, making this list brought up more internal conflict than I care to admit.

Let me know your favourite starters and vote in the poll to show your allegiance to one the starters of Pokemon Sun & Moon.


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