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I am going to come straight out of the blocks and say that Doom is one of the most over the top, thrilling first person shooters I have played in a good few years. It is unrelenting, chainsaw welding action countered with slick gameplay mechanics and revolutionary environmental design. It’s over the top blood spouting fun and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

The word ‘rampage’ just doesn’t cut it when put in the same sentence as Doom. The game baths in gore and revels in violence – never has the phrase ‘run and gun’ been more fitting. The fact that the default pace of our character is set to run (f******* quickly) is perfectly demonstrative of the environment you are immersed into. If you aren’t shooting you are running and if you aren’t running it’s because you are shooting.

I genuinely had a fabulously gore-tastic time, Doom 2016 throws back marvellously to its predecessors – homicidal homage to the max. The latest Doom certainly isn’t original, the original series nailed that niche a long time ago, but it is unique today. id Software have taken all the best bits of the classic game and fused them together with the best technology the industry has to offer. There is clear modern influence but this hasn’t in any way detracted from the core ethos that is Doom.

The campaign

The campaign is fast, furious and oh so very gruesome. At a whopping 13 hours this is certainly the longest first person shooter campaign I have played in a good long while – at 13 hours it is almost double the fps average. The campaign, which to many was the biggest worry, is by far and away id Software’s tour de force.

Be prepared for wave after wave of demonic scorn. Doom has more enemies than you can shake a double barrelled shotgun at – which incidentally is what you will end up doing. The range of enemy included in the game is extensive - players are forced to constantly consider new, alternative approaches to the constant stream of bigger and badder hell spawn.

The enemies vary in size, speed and durability – tactical thinking must be integrated into your gameplay to ensure the best use of resources. The inclusion of the boss style mission conclusions was a big plus for me – not so much my controller. The bosses are tough and at times pretty frightening. Old school boss battles with crazy good cinematic respite all come together in keeping the player hooked into the campaign.

As the campaign goes on the enemies become stronger, smarter and way more aggressive. To counter this id Software have allowed for an in game customisation mode – the likes of which are more commonly seen in the multiplayer aspects of shooters.

Upgrade the myriad of weapons available to you to give yourself the best shot at making it through this hell forsaken environment. The game incorporates all the classics from the super shotgun to the BFG with many, many more available. Players are even able to get their hands on that iconic chainsaw. Upgrade you armour and tech too – the system is designed perfectly and fits seamlessly into the gameplay. The customisation is quick and easy to understand – you will not be bogged down in off screen upgrade menus.

Did I just do that?!

It gets more violent - id have integrated an all new melee mechanic that allows for players to literally rip their enemies to shreds with their bare hands. Once enough damage is dealt to an enemy they will become highlighted, once this occurs they become open to a melee finish. This does not get boring - there are numerous finish moves or glory kills available, I swear I see a new one each day – you can even beat them to death with their own limbs. Beautiful!

Although hailed as a reboot you genuinely don’t need to know anything about the previous games. The game is highly accessible to new comers in this way. The narrative itself wasn’t a blockbuster smash but combined with everything I have included above it certainly did a good enough job to keep me invested for thirteen hours.

Not to mention the scores of hidden content that is hidden throughout the campaign. Bethesda and id Software have worked tirelessly to unsure that this edition of Doom is hailed as one of the series’ best. With attention being paid down to the tiniest of details, I reckon that they are certainly in with a chance. There are scores of Easter Eggs waiting to be found so if you do get a little tired of fighting off demonic marines then take a little time to explore your environment – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Overall the campaign was a eye-gauging, limb pulling, blood pumping success. A colleague of mine said to me that Doom’s campaign is self knowingly dumb – but in the best possible way and that pretty much sums it up for me. The campaign mode takes the simplicity of the original and combines it with a narrative that in any other sector just would not work – it’s brilliant. Not at any point was I bored, tired or lack lustred – I didn’t have time – sure, I chowed down on a few more brownies than I originally planned to but even that didn’t deter me from completing Doom Marines overall mission. Doom is back in a big way !


As in the campaign, the gameplay is fast and very furious. It would seem that movement combined with firepower is the key to winning games in this new Doom.

The multiplayer allows for player progression to operate in the generic fashion - players level up via in-game achievement and XP progression. It is here we see where Doom tailors itself more to the modern era of first person shooters. Customisable loadout mechanics allow for players to customize their in-game experiences and mould their gear to their individual game styles. Upgrades for weapons, perks and in-game characters are also available. A bold move from id Software that I think has worked out nicely with the modern shooter fans. Quakers (as I call them) may differ in opinion in this area, however.

Surprisingly, tactics do play a major part — getting the right loadout combo can be critical — something I did not expect in Doom. Once considerable damage has been dealt out by the primary weapon, it's time to switch to the super shotgun for a gooey finish. All this happens in just seconds, of course, and is incredible fun.

The use of taunts and those utterly gruesome glory kills provided me with some sorely needed vindication when caught up in those inevitable personal battles. These taunts (selected via the D-pad) provide you with all the ingredients required for some serious retribution-fuelled gaming.

It was a welcome return to the pickup style of gameplay – an element that is sorely missed in my book. Players will need to remember to monitor health, ammo and armour in Doom to have any chance of surviving. The maps were easily navigable and pickups are aplenty so this isn’t as daunting as it sounds.

Overall the Doom multiplayer is a fast, fun and surprisingly addictive. With multiple demons to embody and more weapons available than on the black market you are guaranteed to have a blast!

The verdict

Doom is back, after 23 years the Doom experience you deserve has finally arrived. It’s unrelenting, uncompromising action. The refreshing approach to the game narrative redefines the FPS genre and the gameplay hollas back to the classics in a way that is accessible to players new and old. With a whopping campaign fraught with blood, sweat and tears and a multiplayer mode that will have you cursing the very demons you are becoming Doom 2016 gets a solid 8/10.

It’s simple - get a buzz cut and buy Doom! 8/10


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