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Anna Washenko

The first rule of fight club, when it happens in the Wasteland, is to share your experience far and wide with as many other Fallout 4 fans as possible. So in that spirit, YouTube is full of amazing arena battles staged by the game's most inventive (and sometimes twisted) players. Here are some of the zaniest creations coming out of the Wasteland Workshop DLC.

1. Did you hate all those questions from the Vault-Tec Rep at the start of the game? This ghoul-on-ghoul fight will be very satisfying.


2. This is why every settlement needs Automatons.


3. It's as if Battle Bots never went away!


4. This montage of choice showdowns highlights the arena at its wacky best.


5. Size matters. Especially when you're joining in the action.


6. And lastly, you don't need to speak Spanish to see how awesome this is.



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