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No Man's Sky is the hotly anticipated intergalactic sandbox from Hello Games. This utterly unique adventure will take you to worlds never before seen by another human - I mean human - this game is so big that although being an MMO the likelihood is that you will never see another soul.

No Man's Sky will be releasing on June 21st in North America, June 22nd in the Europe, and June 24th in the UK in the following ways.

The game promises to give a truly unique gaming experience to each and every player. If you are someone that just heard about this game or searching deep for information to feed your cravings or maybe you have a friend that you need to educate. Well, here you go - everything you need to know.

After watching this video you will know more then you did before... unless you are like some other people who have been on the hunt of every single piece of new information on this game. If you are that person, well you can show your friends this video and catch them up to your level.

Are you excited for this game?


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