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A while back, id Software revealed the various difficulty modes that would accompany DOOM at launch. The hardest of all of these is called Ultra Nightmare and it features a little permadeath twist: You die, you start again. You're literally thrown back to the beginning of the game and expected to try again, even if you were on the last boss.

Executive Producer Marty Stratton and Creative Director Hugo Martin revealed to IGN that no one had actually managed to beat this mode in their office. They were wondering how long it'd take for this mode to be beaten come launch — they knew that someone could do it and how right they were. Ladies and gents, meet Zero Master.

Gamer Beats DOOM On Ultra Nightmare Mode Without Dying

That' I mean I play a lot of first-person shooters and DOOM looks fantastic, but I'm not entirely sure I'd be up for this challenge. Not without getting furiously angry and attacking people in my immediate vicinity. Something like this:

But aside from beating DOOM on its hardest difficulty setting, gamers have also challenged themselves to beating it in record time. Speedruns of DOOM are being attempted by many, but there's one guy on top right now. Speedrunner DraQu has set a new record for id Software's FPS reboot with a new run yesterday ending in 89 minutes and 56.42 seconds.

He takes advantage of some glitches, he moves through some walls, and basically goes where he shouldn't by scaling certain "unclimbable walls," but there are still parts of the game that he moves through with remarkable speed. You can check out his run here on Twitch!

Do you think you can beat DOOM on its hardest difficulty?

Source - Eurogamer


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