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Is it really that time already? The Electronic Entertainment Expo comes around each year flooding the streets of L.A with gamers eager to get a glimpse at their favourite upcoming games. E3 is widely considered to be the best place for developers and publishers to battle it out over who has the biggest and best game to release – it is veritable AAA Battle Royale and this is what makes it so good for us – the competition!

As we approach the end of May, E32016 is just around the corner – with just over three weeks until E32016 the hype train is really starting to gather momentum for Microsoft. According to a recent podcast this year’s E3 presentation will be the stuff of dreams for all Xbox owners. Sony still lead the way in terms of sales but will this year’s line up claw back any ground for the green machine?

The flights are booked, the luggage is packed but what games do we really want to see more of at E32016? With this in mind we thought that we would take a look at some of the biggest Xbox/PC exclusives that are heading our way this year. Below is a list of seven games we just can’t wait to see more of at E32016.

7. Gears of War 4

You can’t own an Xbox without having owned at least one Gears of War title. Gears of War 4 is the latest in the Gears series that has promised to take players back to the roots of the franchise but with a revolutionary new game approach. No longer are we hating life as Marcus Fenix, oh no, this time around we step into the slightly smaller shoes of Fenix Jr.

Expect a totally new storyline complete with new characters and enemies – Gears 4 will have an all new ‘dynamic’ approach to combat and introduce more cover based components. The team at Microsoft have really focused on the core of the series and Gears of War 4 promises to be something very special indeed. From what I have seen so far it would seem that this next title is just what the doctor ordered. Sera will see you now.

6. Crackdown 3

Did someone say lawful destruction? Coming from Reagent Games, Crackdown 3 is the third edition of the immensely popular sandbox action game Crackdown. The series is famed for its almost unrivalled level of destruction in multiplayer arenas. And this latest edition will be no different.

Crackdown 3 is reported to have expanded on the sandbox elements by adding a level of destruction that has never been experienced before in a multiplayer arena. Get this - the cityscape in Crackdown 3 will consist of "100 percent destructible environments,".

So far not much at all is know about the plot so hopefully Microsoft Studios will shed more light on this title for us next month. All I can say so far is that the game apparently runs along an alternative narrative to Crackdown 2.

5. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has been on the metaphorical horizon for some time now but with another year sailing by it would seen that Rare may finally be ready to reveal the finished article in June.

Sea of Thieves is the ambitious open world multiplayer game from UK based studio, Rare. The game essentially revolves around pirates with an almost unlimited scope for adventure. It features a world that will be shared by multiple players, each playing their own game, heading out on their own adventures.

As a salty dog of the high seas you will have the choice whether to team up, fight others or just flat out ignore them all together. They say that sailing gives you the feeling of ultimate freedom and this is something that Rare have captured in Sea of Thieves. This is a totally open world where you are the captain and that, I love. Seriously though, Sea of Thieves will have to be a life choice, there is no middle ground here. It is as addictive as it is vast. Ye be warned!

4. Scalebound

This is a title that I am personally, very excited about. You may think that you have played a good fantasy game but trust me – Scalebound is something else. Scalebound is ferociously phenomenal and it is coming exclusively to Xbox One and PC! A feral fantasy world filled with hydras, monsters, dragons and epic swordplay. A world of angelic alliances and demonic foes - Buckle up, you are in for a treat!

Coming out of the prestigious hallways of Platinum Games, Scalebound transports players to unfamiliar and hostile environments. Forge alliances with mighty dragons and cut down the evil that dares cross your sword. The game will be saturated with scaly beasts – from dragons to Hydras Scalebound will be the ultimate mythical fantasy. Game of Thrones eat your heart out – Scalebound is the real deal.

We have seen very little of this title throughout its development but with a release date of early 2017, we can certainly expect Scalebound to make an appearance this year.

3. ReCore

My number one most anticipated Xbox One exclusive, ReCore looks incredible. It looks beautiful, the level of fidelity showcased in the very little that we have seen is enough to get any gamer excited.

This upcoming action-adventure comes from the collaborative efforts of Concept and Armature Studio spearheaded by Joseph Staten, who you may know as co-creator of both the Halo and Destiny universes.

This is another title that has truly kept shtum. No real details at all to speak of here, but the astounding beauty of the announcement trailer below is enough to leave game fans speechless. From what I can glean from the trailer I would say that the main protagonist is a female who goes by the name of Joule. Joule may very well be the last human left on the planet and with the help of her robot friends, resurrect humanity and save the world – one might say they draw parallels with Destiny the Chief's overall purpose in Halo. Thoughts?

Show us more at E3! Please Microsoft!

Wish list

Ok, so these titles haven’t been announced or in any way confirmed for E32016 but in my personal opinion this is how Microsoft can win at E3. The above games are super and will no doubt cause a monumental stir but just imagine if we saw either of these crop up in June.

2. Dead Rising 4

Probably one Microsoft’s most iconic zombie games ever. The last Dead Rising released back in 2003 and was a huge success with gamers worldwide. Dead Rising allows for players to customise weapons, rides and outfits in an effort to bludgeon, hack and dismember their way free of flesh eating zombies.

With the new movie series in full swing and Dying Light almost a year behind us the market is primed for the next big zombie epic – will it be Dead Rising 4?

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Can you imagine? I certainly can, there have been many rumours of a new Red Dead that is in the works over at Rockstar but none have been verified as of yet. The leak pertained to the fact that a new Red Dead game had been in the works for years and that the planned reveal was to take place at E32016. The original Red Dead Redemption took the gaming world by storm and was hailed as one of the best and most immersive games to date.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is likely to be current gen exclusive — unfortunately, the old generation can’t handle the size of our new gaming worlds. The new consoles will allow Take-Two and Rockstar to not only improve the fidelity but will also allow them to cram heaps more content into the game. But, hold your horses – which console will it align with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or maybe both?

Some say that this game is so converted that the big guns will all be trying their best to gain exclusive rights. I guess only time will tell.

What games are you most looking forward to seeing and what games do you want to see that haven’t been announced?


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