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Artist RJ Palmer is considered to be one of the world’s best Pokémon artists. His vision of Pokémon, reborn into the natural world, is one that produces some truly stunning art pieces. The introduction of scale in his pieces is one of terrifying prospect – it really hammers home the size that these creatures would possess if they were to make the journey across from animation to reality.

Fortunately for us (looking through these images) however, these fuzzy slightly scary critters will remain in the meadows, forests and seas of our imaginations.

RJ Palmer’s latest piece (above) focuses on Yveltal, Latios, Latias, And Salamence – look at the shot in motion effect in the picture – it is brilliant - certainly gets the imagination going.

Take a look at some more of Palmer’s interpretations of these iconic Pokémon. Enjoy.

Hungry for more? RJ Palmer has compiled quite the collection over the years you can catch his latest works on his blog and he has even bundled some of his favourite pieces into a book which you can check out at here.

What do you make of these art pieces?

Source: Deviantart


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