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The internet is abuzz with excitement after the latest report from Take-Two Interactive. The fiscal report released 18 May included a mass off financial information (that means absolutely nothing to me) but also included this very exciting sentence.

Rockstar Games is of course hard at work on some exciting future projects that will be revealed soon

What could these new projects be? Are we finally getting confirmation about the much anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2? OR maybe another Rockstar classic is getting a sequel?

Here is my list of the best Rockstar franchises I would love to see resurrected.


Screenshot of an execution in Manhunt 2
Screenshot of an execution in Manhunt 2

Manhunt was released in 2003, and received controversy world wide. It was banned in Australia and New Zealand and even employees at Rockstar were uncomfortable with the title;

It was all about the violence, and it was realistic violence. We all knew there was no way we could explain away that game. There was no way to rationalize it. We were crossing a line. - Jeff Williams

The Manhunt series is known for being brutal and violent. These stealth games reward players for how gruesome they can be. The main aim is to execute everyone. The more violent the execution, the more stars you are rewarded.

The first game was based around a prisoner killing gang members for snuff films (amazing, right!). The protagonists in the second were a mental patient with amnesia and an assassin.

Manhunt 3 could be about anything. It is the gameplay mechanics that make these games awesome. There is a lot of skill required to remain unseen as you work your way around the game world executing people.Player choice means executions can be as quick, or a tortuous as the player is comfortable with.

The only request I would have for a Manhunt 3 is please PLEASE convince the New Zealand classification board to release it here. It was hard enough getting my hands on the first two.


Screenshot from Bully
Screenshot from Bully

A childhood favourite, Bully was the GTA for kids. Recently re-released for PlayStation 4, it has aged amazingly and is still as fun to play now as it was then.

Jimmy starts at a new school. As he works his away through the different social group he encounters a lot of different types of bullying. Not happy about that, he sets out to bring peace to the town, climb the school social ranks and do well in his classes. Oh and don't forget all the kissing!

The juggling of these real-life issues rang home to me as a teenager, and would no doubt so do to the latest teenage generation. Imagine the impact of social media, Kardashians and other 2016 problems added into the mix! The issues faced by Jimmy are all to similar to what kids face now, and this would remain an extremely relevant premise for another great game.


Screenshot from Oni
Screenshot from Oni

I love a good Dystopian game, so naturally I am a huge Oni fan. Konoko is an awesome protagonist, she is the bad ass female character every game needs. I love how she can takes down men and woman alike with nothing but her bare hands (and feet). Girl power!

As part of the Tech Crimes Task Force, Konoko is fighting terrorists in a world where most of the land is ruined, and what liveable area left is controlled by one super power. The universe is extremely interesting, and I would love for Rockstar to return to this world.

Oni 2 could integrate the multiplayer aspect of the game that was cancelled in the original. The art style would look so great on the latest generation of consoles, and the combat style (which was awesome!) would make for a nice change to the usual, shoot-everyone-in-the-face style multiplayer games.

L.A. Noire

Screenshot from L.A. Noire
Screenshot from L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire was extremely innovative when it was released. It was one of the first to use motion scan technology to record actors facial expressions in the game. This was then used for the vital gameplay mechanic of using visual facial clues to determine if suspects were lying or telling the truth.

There was no doubt that this game looked amazing at the time of release, and I adore games that have me solving crimes. However I did find the crime scenes became quite repetitive as the game progressed.

Keeping the film-noire style, I would love to see L.A. Noire 2. So long as the crimes were well thought out, and more variable, this game could improve on it's small faults and be an absolute hit! *fingers crossed*

State of Emergency

Screenshot from State of Emergency
Screenshot from State of Emergency

State of Emergency is a beat 'em up game set in the future. The United States government has been overthrown by "The Corporation" and you must join the resistance and take back the country! The game gives you the option of playing as one of five characters, each with different skills and back stories.

The game is fun, and quite funny. Like many Rockstar games, it was not met without controversy though.

featuring political assassinations of Orwellian, corrupt government executives.

Come on now, who doesn't want to take down corrupt governments? I definitely do. It gives me immense satisfaction to see the people taking down the man, especially when "The Man" is a right douche-bag.

Red Dead Redemption

Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption
Screenshot from Red Dead Redemption

Let's be honest, this is why we are all here. We want to return to the amazing world of Red Dead Redemption. Let's get back to bad-ass cowboys, gun fighting, horseback riding and killing bears with knifes.

What do we know so far? Well firstly, we have the infamous rumoured map leaked on NeoGAF a few months ago.

Rumoured Red Dead 2 leaked map
Rumoured Red Dead 2 leaked map

People have all sorts of theories about what is in store for Red Dead Redemption 2 from a simple analysis of this map. The presence of lots of water has theories that boating and swimming will become new gameplay mechanics, and the "lack of train tracks" is a large reason people believe the game will in fact be a prequel to the first.

For me? I'd quite like a Cowgirl as the main character. How cool would that be? Girls can certainly kick some gunslinging ass and it would make for an interesting new spin on the series!

What are your thoughts on what Rockstar will reveal? What games would you like to see get a sequel next?

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