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We've finally caught a glimpse of Destiny's future thanks to a leak via reddit. The image in question features a poster for a possible DLC expansion entitled Rise of Iron. We can see some new armor on the guardian in the front, something that appears to be an axe or large harmer in their hands, and a few wolves all standing around a decrepit building. Lots of snow, too!

Destiny: Rise of Iron Leaks

Wolf companions anyone?! Not likely. But what could all this Rise of Iron business be about? This image has been confirmed by various sources and we even have some info on what the DLC will contain!

  • A new raid will finally be included in Destiny with the arrival of this DLC.
  • It will be larger than the two year-one DLC packs (House of Wolves and The Dark below).
  • The image seems to feature an Iron Banner maestro by the name of Lord Saladin.
  • "Rise of Iron’s raid is based loosely on the raid that was cut from last year’s House of Wolves DLC, according to sources." - Kotaku

One redditor has also taken it upon themselves to speculate about the origins of this DLC and what its title relates to. For Destiny fans, it's a good read!

First and foremost we have Lord Saladin. He's the representative of the Iron Banner. He's a "hero to the City and a legend in his own right", according to the Grimoire. He led the defense at Twilight Gap. The Iron Banner itself is meant to train Guardians and honor the Iron Lords.
Who are the Iron Lords? You know them by the names of IB weapons we use. Jolder, Skorri, Felwinter, Timur, etc. In the Grimoire they're described as ancient warriors who were there to defend the City when it was founded. I would assume this means they are all dead now, and Saladin remains to honor them.
Destiny's last expansion, The Taken King
Destiny's last expansion, The Taken King
How can we connect this to an expansion titled Rise of Iron? I think there's multiple paths Bungie can take. So, let's speculate. Either we have Saladin as our primary quest-giver and charges us with defending the city, perhaps becoming the new Iron Lords.
Perhaps the old Iron Lords aren't dead. Maybe they come back? Or maybe, the Exo-Stranger takes us back to them? Time travel is wacky but it's obviously feasible in the Destiny universe (looking at you, Vex).
Whatever becomes of it, I'm particularly excited to see Bungie taking advantage of lore from a predominantly PVP portion of the game and using it. There's so much to build on. I'm very excited.

Are you excited for Destiny's next expansion?


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