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Just when you thought you had heard it all someone goes and builds a working, and yes, playable version of Pokemon Red within the world of Mincraft. And yes, we 100% are adding this to our '7 Wonders of Minecraft' article, because this is amazing!

Reddit user MrSquishyYT has been working on this project of his for over a year, and yes, it is as complicated as you think. Even Professor Oak is scratching his head over this one. What MrSquishyYT has effectively done is to use the command blocks within the game to build not only a working version of Pokémon but also a working Gameboy. This goes way beyond anything I have seen before – and all with a name like MrSquishYT?

Of course, I am joking MrSquishYT, the guy's so clever he could probably kill me with his mind – great job sir!

There’s a physical representation of the map…in spawn chunks in which each block corresponds with a texture. When the player clicks, a reader armor stand moves and clones the row of new textures behind the display. Display armor stands then detect the block type and stick the corresponding texture on their head before moving. The player model is just swapping between a static walking and standing texture.

As well as having all attack animations available – MrSquishYT has included a fully loaded and working Pokedex. This is a real testament to the creative power of the human mind and another huge leap in the Minecraft innovation sector. The bar has been raised people!

Take a look at this incredible accomplishment in action.

I told you that this was something pretty special – a combination of two of the biggest entertainment franchises in one place – does his genius know no bounds?!

What is the craziest thing you have seen in Minecraft?

Source: Reddit


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