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Now Loading's sentimental Irishman. I can't stop playing Overwatch, please send help.
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Blizzard are ready. The open beta is behind them and years of hard work is about to pay off. Overwatch is a mere 4 days away from its launch and we're itching to jump into the game with millions of other players around the world! Therefore, to make sure that you're ready to grab your favorite character the second the game goes live, Blizzard have released some helpful information on servers:

The launch of Overwatch is just around corner! To make sure you're ready for deployment on May 24, we've put together a series of launch-day protocols so you'll know what to expect, how best to prepare, and when you'll be able to jump in and officially begin your fight for the future on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Here's When The Overwatch Servers Go Live!

What time will you be able to play Overwatch? For me, it's 1am my time (I'm in the CEST time zone)!

Here's a more detailed insight into the exact times:

We cannot wait for some crazy action in Blizzard's online shooter and to replicate some of these incredible plays from the open beta! What are you looking forward to the most when Overwatch launches on May 24?

Who's your favorite character in Overwatch?


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