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The rumor of Blizzard unveiling a new character for Overwatch prior to its launch on May 24 has been buzzing around the internet for a while. The game itself has hinted at a new arrival within its own levels with posters, newspaper clippings and other subtle references. But we've received some updates on this story and the reveal could have something to do with Overwatch's Soldier: 76.

Rumor: Blizzard to Reveal New Overwatch Support Character

Soldier: 76 in action.
Soldier: 76 in action.

Blizzard have been making some beautiful CGI short animations focusing on some of the characters within Overwatch; the latest of which focuses on the emotional backstory of Hanzo and Genji. The next animation is due to arrive on Monday and will focus on the backstory of Soldier: 76, one of the game's assault characters. It's due to premier in select cinemas around the world.

But one crafty gamer on NeoGAF has amassed various details that point to a character known as Sombra — who could actually be the mother of Overwatch's Pharah — being revealed during this new cinematic. The most convincing evidence for this theory comes in the form of this cinema advert released by a French cinema-chain.

The circled section of the advert says that the screening will feature the reveal of a new character for Overwatch. The chain has since backtracked on the statement and claimed it was a typo. Who here believes that?

The theory about Sombra's reveal and how it coincides with Soldier: 76 stems from the Mexican map Dorado. You can find some classified files lying around for Soldier: 76 and someone called Sombra. There's also a newspaper open on the floor of the town square with an article asking, "Who is Sombra?" What's more, the computer screens on the map flash up with warnings that read "Protocolo Sombra".

Furthermore, Sombra is actually referenced by one of the game's evil characters in an in-game voice line. Reaper, the badass in the hood that shouts, "Die, die, DIE!" is heard asking, "Where is Sombra when you need her?" Therefore, we're aware that Sombra is a she and that she's more than likely a villain! For more on all of this, the video below does a fantastic job of explaining all of this theory's intricacies.

So it would appear that Sombra carries a long-range weapon and there's a lot of speculation that she plays a support role, which is an area in the game that definitely needs more characters. But what do you think? Do you think we'll see a new Overwatch character when Blizzard release Soldier: 76's animated short on Monday?

Is Sombra real?


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