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What would 1999's horror classic Silent Hill look like had it been made today?

In 2014 gamers were treated to a tantalizing taste of a modern revival in the form of P.T., giving us an all-too-brief glimpse of the franchise running on current hardware. That project, as most know, was abruptly canceled, leaving a Silent Hill shaped hole that's now been filled by Creative Assembly's James Brady.

Before you get too excited, this isn't a full on remake; more a nostalgic homage to the original game. Brady, a 3D artist who worked on Alien: Isolation, has recreated the Midwich Elementary School scene in Unreal Engine 4, dragging this PS1 era fright-fest into the modern era. Check out the stunning result below:

If one talented artist can put that together, imagine what an entire studio could do!

Brady isn't the only developer who's been harnessing the power of UE4 in order to give classic games HD makeovers. YouTube user CryZENx recently recreated The Legend of Zelda's Gerudo Valley.

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