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There are many moments, conversations and even characters that fly under the radar in Fallout 4 – many seemingly pointless interactions go ignored – or so it would seem. Fallout 4’s latest DLC, Far Harbour not only brings with it the largest landmass ever created by Bethesda but accompaniments to many a previously thought pointless quest.

The first one to be discovered is a particularly funny one – remember that joker Parker Quinn? That con man that tries to sell you a ‘charge card’? Well, it would appear that maybe he was onto something after all.

Parker Quinn can be found roaming around south Boston – the annoying salesman wants to sell us a ‘charge card’ in exchange for caps. He goes on to state that this form of currency will soon take over from the caps system and that we would be stupid not to part with our hard earned caps in exchange for this piece of plastic.

Yea, right! If you were anything like me you would have quickly told Quinn where to go – a long walk off a short pier was my advice. If, you actually bought the card, or should I rephrase, took the card from Parker Quinn you would eventually realise that, as suspected, no one in the Wasteland accepts the card as payment – it would seem that it was all a con – dam you Quinn!

Or was it? Today, Bethesda bolstered their already insanely large game with the biggest DLC ever created by the studio. The land mass that features in the latest expansion will expand the exploration element of Fallout 4 to an almost unfathomable degree. It might as well be Fallout 5 if I am honest.

Anyway, those that have entered into this new territory will find amongst many other cool new additions, several places that blow me down, only go and accept Quinn’s ‘charge card’!

I almost want to go back and find Quinn and apologise – almost. Who would have thought that something this random would actually come to fruition.

It gets better - Bethesda have promised us many more surprises and we can expect to find more of those ‘random’ encounters to come to light in Far Harbour.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, Far Harbour is full of surprises and is available for purchase now.

Have you found anything cool in Far Harbour yet?


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