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The Arkham Quadrilogy was a fantastic series which basically revolutionized the superhero video game genre from being garbage bin games to all time classics however that series has come to an end thanks to Arkham Knight. However whose to say that Rocksteady can't move onto other heroes from the DC world and make it into an epic game? Time to take a look through the DC Universe and choose a few heroes with tons of potential for a game.

Green Lantern

Imagine if you will, you play as Hal Jordan who was investigating a distress signal on a distant planet. After arriving upon the seemingly peaceful and tranquil planet, a force field surrounds two cities thus trapping the Green Lantern inside and the city is put under martial law by the villains (Sinestro Corps or maybe the Manhunters). Unable to contact the Corps, Hal Jordan must fight his way through the two cities and save this planet from destruction. Green Lantern: Emerald Crusader.

Simple set up for the story but how would the gameplay work? Well obviously we would still have the third person view of the Arkham but since the Green Lantern is not really the martial arts type, the combat would be a little different by mixing hand to hand combat with the Power of Will but with a very similar control scheme to the Arkham franchise. Speaking of the Power of Will, a concept I had in mind is that throughout the game you unlock new types of constructs that Hal Jordan can create but since the constructs are meant to be made my the user's imagination, there is the option to customize the constructs anyway you want.

Example: say you unlock a projectile attack, well you can head to a customization screen where you design the projectile construct into anyway you want. A rocket? You got it. A bird? You got it. Maybe even a Pokeball if you wanted.

Since the Green Lantern has the power of flight, I figured you'd need a large map to travel around so that's why I chose two cities to be the sandbox, make them around the size of the map from Red Dead Redemption. In said map, there will be civilians that will need your help and there can be other types of events happening around the city: side missions, subplots, etc.

The Suicide Squad

With the upcoming movie and the recently announced Harley Quinn solo movie, perhaps they should use the popularity of these characters to their advantage. Since Harley Quinn was a playable character in Arkham Knight, many of the Suicide Squad members appear throughout the Arkham franchise, and Amanda Waller appeared before Deathstroke in Arkham Origins to offer him a chance to be in the Suicide Squad...well it seems like they have all the pieces for a Suicide Squad game, don't they?

But how would that work since there are multiple members? Well this is where Rocksteady will have to borrow an idea from Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V and have multiple characters that you can switch to and play as with their own stories and side missions, which is a concept that Arkham Knight really should have done instead of the pointless segments where you switch characters in a single fight. Not wanting to go too crazy with it, let's stick to four characters: Harley Quinn, Deathstroke (who was a playable character in Arkham Origins), Deadshot, and Killer Croc.

Professor Anthony Ivo has retreated to Gotham City to find the last component he needs for his weapon: Amazo. Waller sends in Task Force X to eliminate Ivo before he can unleash Amazo. Not only do they have to deal with Ivo's robots but they have the police and Gotham's gangs to deal with. This game should be titled something simple: The Suicide Squad.


Rocksteady started with Batman and considering the extensive amount of Superman easter eggs in Arkham Knight, it just might be possible that Superman will be the next hero that they tackle. Now I have to acknowledge the fact that doing Superman will be no easy task considering the previous Superman games of the past have been...well terrible. However I do think that it can be done.

I think a lot of the same ideas for the Green Lantern game would have to be used in this game such as the combat will have to be tweaked to mix with his powers, the map will have to be huge, etc. However the main problem will be to find villains that can actually hurt Superman.

It was your average day in Metropolis until a tear in reality caused Metropolis and Krypton from another universe to collide. With Kryptonians, Superman has Metropolis evacuated while he tries to deal with the event. This would be titled as Superman: Man of Tomorrow.

Green Arrow

Considering the popularity of the character has risen greatly because of the CW series, perhaps a Rocksteady game is a perfect idea. A mix between the Arkham series and the recently rebooted Tomb Raider games.

Count Vertigo, Cupid, and Komodo have trapped Green Arrow upon the island which he endured for so many years and are ready to wage war against the Emerald Archer. Now Oliver Queen must survive the island one last time and stop the villains that wish to destroy his city. This is Green Arrow: The Island.


Bruce maybe gone but Gotham still needs protecting. Rocksteady could continue the franchise by starting a new series about the Bat-Family after Bruce "died" in Arkham Knight. If you remember the Flip of a Coin DLC story about Robin facing off against Two-Face, it heavily focused on Tim trying to be the best replacement for Bruce and just like the comics (until Damian Wayne came along and ruined everything) it seems like they were setting up Tim to be the new Batman since Dick doesn't even want even go near that cowl.

Perhaps the game would begin with Tim Drake as Robin but as crime quickly gets worse and worse and the Robin moniker doesn't inspire fear anymore, Tim finally gets the nerve to put on the Batsuit and go out there. But a twist comes when it turns out Barbara gets a treatment for her spine and so Batgirl returns. Name of the game? Batman: Gotham Protectors.

Wonder Woman

First I was going to go with the Flash but figured he'd be even harder of a character to do than Superman but then my mind clicked: epic story, cool monsters, fun combat? WONDER WOMAN! Can't you imagine it? Fighting Greek monsters as the Amazonian Princess? Think Arkham meets God of War. While I don't have a story in mind, I do think the title should be Wonder Woman: Symbol of Peace.


A game where you play as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman...c'mon. Can't deny that idea is pretty amazing.

So those are my choices for the new games that Rocksteady should make. Do you agree or disagree with any of them? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for your time.


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