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Remember the fun episodic content Valve was coming out with for Half-Life 2? Remember when we were all brimming with excitement to round out the story line and tie up loose ends in Half Life 2: Episode 3? You probably barely do because the game itself was announced way back in 2006 with an estimated release date of somewhere around Christmas of 2007. I heard the announcement when I was just turning sixteen and the game was going to come out a few months after my birthday. With Half Life 2: Episode 3 and all the other great games coming out that year, I felt that seventeen was going to be a good age for me in terms of gaming adventures.

Fun fact, it's been ten years since the game was announced. YouTube user CrowBat was able to chronicle Gabe Newell's progression from happily talking about the game to completely shutting down any question about it.

I suppose ten years of waiting and asking for it isn't really enough to convince Valve or maybe it's just been so long that they feel that it wouldn't matter if they released it at this point. Maybe the story and franchise has been pushed in the back burner for some, but I know I'd still be willing to give the game a whirl and replay all the games preceding just to get back into it.The game's future isn't helped by the fact that Marc Laidlaw retired earlier this year in January. After 18 years at Valve, he decided to call it a day and become a retiree. With the man who wrote every game preceding Episode 3, the future of the game itself isn't looking very bright. Whether or not they'd dust off the project at all depends on, according to Gabe, "if a whole bunch of people just internally at Valve said they wanted to do it."

Maybe in another ten years.


Would you still play "Half Life 2: Episode 3" if it came out?

Source: Polygon


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