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I still remember the day my mom brought home my first game console, the Nintendo 64, dark purple, see through and two controllers that as a kid I thought looked like scary claws. The Nintendo 64 at the time was arguably the best system out, with unbelievable and realistic graphics and a variety of games unmatched by any other game console out. Years later, after I came out of my video game slump where I didn't play video games for years, I bought a Playstation 3 and have been an average gamer ever since with games like NBA 2k, FIFA and Madden keeping my interest. Needless to say video games and consoles have gone above and beyond from generation to generation and are getting evermore realistic as the years go on; but what is next? If you haven't heard about the upcoming Oculus Rift, and virtual reality games you've probably been living under a rock, take a look at the next step in gaming below.


I persoanlly haven't had a chance to try the Oculus Rift, but I have had virtual reality experience in the form of the V.R rides at amusement parks like the one below, and boy are they awesome. You jump in strap in to the seats and the whole inner box is a screen that makes you feel like you are actually out in space on a ride, while at the same time the box itself is spinning and flipping. The first time I ever tried it, it was a crazy experience. You don't really believe that you will get much out of virtual reality until you actually try it. There is an unexplainable feeling when you know for a fact that you are in a ride, but your senses are telling your body a completely different thing. I found enjoyment in the feeling, but at the same time I knew that not everyone would, and that maybe this could be taken to far.

How far is too far?

Virtual reality games are a fun idea and experience, but are health risks being ignored? The whole concept of V.R is to feel very real, and along with that will come very real reactions. Tricking your senses shouldn't be taken lightly. Even I, an individual that has never has issues with heights and rides felt very weird within the virtual ride I was on. There are many risks that come with virtual reality, things like motion sickness, eyestrain, not to mention the lack of seeing anything around you, and yes even death.

Look at the games we have today on PS4 and Xbox One alone: Grand Theft auto, Call of Duty, Battlefront, DOOM and etc. All games that are very violent and very realistic already just on the T.V. Now lets imagine these violent and scary games become virtual and that you literally feel like you are within these games. It is very possible that an individual can be so frightened that they have a heart attack, leading to death. Look at this video below of people reacting to a virtual reality horror game.


Virtual reality games are coming, and they are coming fast. Oculus Rift is already out and being sold on back order. The next generation of gaming is knocking at the door, but before you let it in make sure you are ready for its risks and its rewards.



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