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By now I'm sure you've started seeing those Overwatch logo sprays pop up in your games, and probably some of the other cool little graphics too! Just like in TF2 and other shooters, Overwatch allows you to lay down a 'spray' (a temporary spray paint image) right on the map. To use your spray, just walk up to a flat surface and press 'T' (on PC) or up on your D-pad.

Why do people use sprays? Well, besides being a super fun way to customize you character, sprays are also a cheeky way to interact in-game. Your enemies' bodies will disappear, but your spray can hang out all match. Plus, there's nothing better than laying down your spray image right before or after a huge "Play of the Game"-worthy carnage-fest. I mean, really:

How to unlock other sprays

If you're a keen observer, you'll notice in the gif above that our pal Junkrat has the 'Well Played' spray that uses an image from Hearthstone. Pretty neat, huh? You can unlock new sprays by playing more Overwatch - and each character has a TON of sprays. Seriously, there are hundreds of sprays in the game!

You can unlock sprays by:

  • Earning sprays through achievements
  • Getting new sprays in loot boxes
  • Buying sprays with credits
  • Playing more matches

Sprays are a great way to customize your character while you play, and some sprays are going to be more rare than others. Your mark can really feel like YOUR mark. But, I can hear you through the screen, you're asking:

"Can I use my own custom sprays in Overwatch?"

Sadly, no. You cannot currently use your own, custom sprays in Overwatch - at least not yet. While many other games do allow users to use custom sprays, I would guess that Blizzard is pretty hard-set against 100% custom spray paint images since there's already a large library of sprays that can be earned through progression.

In the future, we might see sprays allowed in offline Overwatch matches, but don't hold your breath.

In the meantime, all you Bastion-players should at least use some sprays to spice up the Play of the Game clips you'll be forcing us all to watch.


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