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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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There are few things better than pulling off an immense heist with some pals, and diving into your getaway vehicle as your best driver revs up the wheels and mows down innocent NPCs with some pure, unadulterated vehicular harshness. That's enough for some digital hi-5s there, I tell you. Thank you, GTA V.

But, of course, all of this is true until Supercop comes around. That brutal, law-enforcing bastard that spits in the eye of physics, that laughs in the face of danger, that vaults over the wall of the graveyard and busts out the running man on your freshly potted grave.

Supercop, one of the many glitches that makes the worlds of GTA 5 & GTA Online that much more awesome to inhabit, is a phenomenon and a bug that I hope never gets nerfed, because he is GTA: ridiculous, violent, uncompromising and utterly hilarious.

I mean, have a look at a few gifs that the internet done went and threw together of Supercop's various incarnations tearing shit up:

1. Cease and Desist, Motherf**ker

Every time I see the above gif, I can't help but think of this truly amazing scene from Bollywood movie Singham.


via Cale C

3. Please stay down?

via RagingNarwhal

4. The Cop That Can't Be Stopped

via HostileDunks

5. Solid as a rock

via TastyGames

Supercop truly is the cop that can't be stopped. So unstoppable, in fact, it may be worth joining the ranks of the Ultra Super Mega Cop Elite, instead of living out your bank-robbing days in fear. So if you happen to play GTA 5 on PC, you're in luck.

PoliceMod 2 literally puts you in the boots of the law, across the varying ranks of officer. You have a partner, can chase suspects, request support across land, sea and air and of course stop crime in its tracks.

So what are you waiting for? Go tell crime to shut up!

Have you had a run in with The Supercop?


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