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How many times have you seen this guy claim Play of the Game during your time with Overwatch? Too many? Me too. But this bird-loving tank isn't an impossible foe.

Bastion has two forms in Overwatch. The first being a somewhat mobile bipedal form with a submachine gun, the second being a completely immobile turret form. The latter of these forms is probably the one that takes you out more than any other. Bastion players can camp in a doorway, rooftop or alleyway and simply wait for the enemy team to pop their head round the corner then mow them down. It deals an extremely high amount of damage, can heal itself, and its Ultimate sees it transform into a mobile tank with an enormous cannon.

But Blizzard are adamant that no nerf is necessary.

How To Defeat Overwatch's Bastion

The patience on the person running that account!

But before we take a look at some characters that are great for countering Bastion in a variety of ways, there a few things we should cover:

  • While in Sentry configuration, Bastion has a weak spot on its back (glowing blue cube). Successful hits on it will do double damage.
  • Bastion is a nightmare for new players, but the more you play, the more you realize how well-balanced it actually is.

Stay strong, newcomers; you'll find the perfect tactic for taking it out.

Let's look at some of the characters that can help you with uncovering your strategy.

Best Characters For Countering Bastion


Genji has a handy move that allows him to deflect all incoming fire back at the target he's facing. If you come up against an inexperienced Bastion player, you can quickly destroy them as you deflect their immense DPS right back at them. Genji can also use his high mobility to get behind Bastion and destroy it.


"Die, die, DIE!" Reaper has an ability called Shadow Step which allows him to teleport over long distances. While Bastion is in sentry mode, this can be a great tactic for getting behind the bird-lover and attacking the glowing blue cube on its back.


This beautiful creature has a hook that can pull his enemies towards him over long distances. If this is used on Bastion, the player controlling them is forced into Recon mode and can be taken down just like any other target.


Zarya has her own personal shields similar to Genji. If you activate these and get up close to Bastion, you can power up Zarya's Particle Cannon to make short work of it in no time!


If Widowmaker can charge up her sniper and manage to get into view of Bastion without it spotting her, this long-range attacker can actually take out the robotic beast with one shot.

All of these characters and modes of play should help you in tackling Bastion and its powerful damage output. But once you play enough of Overwatchyou'll realize that the true menace is Mei. Don't let her fool you.

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