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Probably the most recognizably Blizzard creation in Overwatch, Torbjörn is one badass Swedish defender that utilizes turrets to take out his enemies. This pissed-off dwarf will undoubtedly make your life hell at the beginning, especially if you play with characters with low health (like I do with Tracer), but there a few tactics you can make use of to challenge this bearded fellow.

Torbjörn can build a deadly turret to help him dominate an area and defend his team. He also collects scrap from the ground to create armor packs for allies and his Ultimate, Molten Core, clads him in armor and powers him and his turret up. It can be devastating against the enemy team, so be sure to use these tactics to silence him.

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How To Defeat Overwatch's Torbjörn

Torbjörn himself is a relatively easy target to take down. His height can make some match-ups a bit frustrating but alone he's not too bad. His turrets are the real enemy and focusing your fire on them is of paramount importance. Here are the heroes that'll help you get the job done!

Best Characters For Countering Torbjörn


Tracer is certainly one of the characters in Overwatch with the lowest amount of health, but her great speed and blink ability compensate for her poor defensive capabilities. Her Ultimate involves throwing a bomb which can stick to characters or turrets, so get in there fast, drop the bomb and blink back to safety to see those turrets blow up — hopefully you can catch Torbjön at the same time.


Genji's ability to block incoming bullets for a few seconds is one of easiest ways to take out turrets in Overwatch. All of the damage they unleash simply flies back at them. They'll be gone in no time.


Pharah's rocket launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. If she can lineup a few rockets on of Torbjörn's turrets, they're sure to go down. You can also use her Ultimate ability which is bound to take down anything in the area with a barrage of rockets.


If your team is coming in from the front, Reaper has one of the best chances of taking out turrets in Overwatch. Wraith Form sees this guy become impervious to damage for a limited amount of time as he floats through the air. Get in behind Torbjörn and his turret and you'll unleash massive damage at close range.


One of the best characters for dealing with turrets, Reinhardt's massive shield will absorb all of the damage they unleash so he can get up close and personal. A few whacks with his hammer or one quick uppercut will see the pesky things break apart with ease.


The turrets in Overwatch usually focus on targets that are quite close to them. If Widowmaker is bringing up the rear and can spot a turret at a distance, she can take it down with one hit. It's also really easy to take down Torbjörn while he's constructing them.

If you have any other useful tactics for making short work of Torbjörn and his turrets in Overwatch, let us know in the comments!

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