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Have you ever felt that Pokémon just lacked that subtle element of gratuitous violence? Or felt like life would just be more fun if you could talk to monsters? Well, if so, Doom 2016 has you covered.

Aside from a terrifically brutal campaign mode and highly addictive multiplayer, Doom has introduced SnapMap. SnapMap is a community based segment to the game where everyone and anyone can create a custom Doom experience. It is ridiculously simple to use – the basic block based system allows for players to indulge their imagination and delve even deeper into the Doom universe.

There are many cool and funky creations already out there but to make things a little easier we thought we would compile a list of the best community SnapMaps that have been created (so far). Here is our top 6 – enjoy.

To play any of the above, just enter the title names into the search bar in SnapMap mode.

6. Burned Chapter 1: Solitary

Prison Break in Doom – this is the first in a long line of episodic chapters that follow our character through the perils of escaping prison. The overall tine is mute with environmental effects taking centre stage over the usual Doom-esque regalia. Maybe a little rusty in parts but still a fun and occasionally eerie map that will develop into something very special I am sure.

5. Parkour

It does exactly what it says on the tin. This fast paced time trial brings one of the hottest new mechanics to Doom. The free running or Parkour element is a new vertical to make its way into our games. It provides players with an all new approach to level progression. Fun and at times frustrating this is defiantly a map for all you Mirror’s Edge fans.

4. Rag3Club Quake Classic InstaGib

For those of you out there that loved Doom but felt it needed just a smidgen more Quake mixed in. This classic take on the Quake mechanic brings the simplicity back to the multiplayer aspect of Doom. Although overall securing top rate reviews many people felt that the new multiplayer dynamic introduced into Doom 2016 was not as in keeping to the franchise as the campaign. The introduction of perk systems and other such modern day influences diluted the experience for some. If you felt this way then this SnapMap is for you.

3. Pokedemon Battle Arena

This is a brilliant X-rated, no holds barred Pokemon bloodbath. Just like in Pokémon, players spawn at separate ends of the arena, they then use control panels to select an appropriate demon to throw into battle. After which you watch as your selected Demon brawls for supremacy. The fight goes all the way until bloody death and this quite often involves total dismemberment. I could play this all day – for real!

2. Hot Potato: Thy Spud Consumed

Another great’ race against the clock’ type experience. This particular map however utilises the new Dooms double jump and mantle element more. It is less about Parkour and more about boosting momentum. Sounds a little Advanced Warfarey but trust me when I say that it is not. This killer time trial even has a customisation element controlled by a talking monster.

The ‘Cacodemon’ who runs the upgrade store is hugely comical and will keep you entertained for hours. This map is awesome twofold – it is a frantic, sweaty palm experience and it is hilarious – top map to play right now!

1. E1M2 Tribute

The piece de resistance – taking us back to the original in (almost) all its glory. This is for the real fans of the franchise; this brilliant emulation of the classic ethos is exactly what the fandom wanted from SnapMap. This development of the map is as spot on as the creator could facilitate and I certainly recommend giving this map a go if you at all feel nostalgic. Home, sweet bloody home!

Have you seen or even built a killer SnapMap in Doom? What is your favourite map so far?

Source (images): PCGamer


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