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If you've spent any time with Blizzard's remarkable team-based shooter, you'll have undoubtedly seen the German giant come bounding your way brandishing a massive shield. It's intimidating and damn hard to break, but the bigger the enemy, the harder the fall.

Reinhardt is a durable tank, using his Barrier Field to provide cover for teammates and himself. The Rocket Hammer swings through all enemies in front of him and he uses a Fire Strike to damage enemies at range. He also has a charge ability that will pin players and deal massive damage, and his Ultimate sees him smashing the ground around him, landing anyone in the vicinity on their ass.

But once you get that shield down, Reinhardt becomes a sitting duck.

Dealing With Reinhardt In Overwatch

One thing that can be fairly frustrating for players who are familiar with Overwatch is seeing teammates ignoring Reinhardt's shield. If you see it, shoot it as much as you can. When your team focuses on his Barrier Field, even for a few moments one at a time, it'll go down eventually and will allow players to push forward. Contributing a few shots will make all the difference, eventually.

But let's look at some characters who will be particularly helpful in this situation.

Best Characters For Countering That Shield


It is so easy to piss people off with Tracer as you dart around Overwatch's maps, but this tactic is perhaps most enjoyable with Reinhardt. The guy is so big and so slow that getting behind him can be a frustrating experience for any Reinhardt-player. She won't be able to deal too much damage, but the distraction will force the German giant to move around and potentially drop his shield.


One of the greatest characters for taking down Reinhardt, Pharah can take off into the skies where the big guy has no say. She can bombard him rockets and help take down the guy's shields for the team. Additionally, you can use Concussive Blast to break it and then bombard him with rockets.


Hanzo can take some great and powerful shots at Reinhardt's shield from a distance, but, just like Tracer, he can also be a great way to annoy those controlling him. Hanzo has the ability to scale walls and if you can get close to Reinhardt, the player will have to drop their shield if they hope to track the dragon's movements.


Up close, Reaper can deal a lot of damage to Reinhardt in comparison with other short-range characters in Overwatch. In terms of getting close to the target, Reaper can use his teleport ability to flank the giant and attack his back. If Reinhardt starts to deal too much damage, however, use Wraith Form and Reaper can get out of the tight spot fast.


Mei is secretly Overwatch's most devastating character. It can be difficult for her to get close to Reinhardt, but once she does her ability to freeze him renders the giant helpless to incoming fire from your team. She can also block his advance with ice wall and ensure that she's well healed if he gets too close.

If you have any other tactics for taking down Reinhardt and his shield in Overwatch, let us know in the comments below!

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