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Far Harbor is not only the biggest DLC Bethesda has ever produced but it is by far the most exhilarating. Far Harbor brings with it a cacophony of new characters, gear and weapons. Complete with a local community that takes absolutely no bull, Far Harbor will be your biggest challenge yet.

The DLC should offer you well in excess of 20 hours of gritty gameplay so being prepared is vital to not only your survival but to your overall progression. So, are you ready to venture out into Far Harbor? By following this quick and easy check list you will be cutting through the bad guys with ease.

8. Solid background

I highly recommend that you get a good portion of the main Fallout 4 story under your belt before you head into Far Harbor. This is not necessarily essential but to really get the most out of the expansion you will at least want to have met all the factions. That is my bare minimum progression recommendation.

Far Harbour also includes a lot of fun Easter Eggs that hail back to missions and quests performed in the main Fallout 4 narrative – again, to make the most of these golden nuggets of wasteland awesomeness, I suggest seeing out the main story before shipping across to Far Harbor. The choice however, is yours.

7. Companion

So you have decided to head into Far Harbor – a new, unexplored territory that even the roaches claim to fear. With this being an all new location and the likelihood of encountering bigger stronger enemies is let’s face it 100%, the temptation is to take with you either your toughest robot or your hardest companion. Do not do this.

Take Nick – Nick is like your Far Harbor secret guide – the story that comes with Far Harbor surrounds Nick Valentine an old missing person’s case that comes full circle. Valentine is defiantly your man for Far Harbor. By using Valentine it allows for you to gain access to more quests, weapons and gear. Trust me – it pays off big.

The DLC will try to temp you away from Nick with a new affable character called Old Longfellow and although Longfellow is a hoot he is no real long-term replacement for Valentine. If you do decide to go on without Valentine at least make sure you go back and get him before entering Acadia.

6. The fog

Take chems. Power armour works as well as the hazmat suits but chems will be needed for times that the suits are not viable. The new landscape in Far Harbor is saturated with cell destroying radiation. The levels of radiation here are way higher than that of Boston. The need for RadX and RadAway is comparable to the economy in the new DLC – supply and demand, if everyone needs it then the price goes up – so, stock up before you go.

5. Bare cash

In this new world, you are going to need money. The new DLC offers out the best armour in the game, the Marine Recon suit, however, this can only (as far as I am aware so far) be bought from vendors.

Incidentally, this armour will be presented to you by some of the first vendors you meet – in other words – you are going to need tough armour for Far Harbor. This armour is pretty expensive though, if you are looking to net the entire suit you are looking to have to part with roughly 40,000 caps.

4. Buy the harpoon

Don’t think, just do. This Harpoon is by far and away the most powerful (projectile) weapon in the new district. The harpoon known locally as, Admirals Friend does double damage to enemies with full health and will tear through body parts like a knife through butter.

It is also to reload but it packs one hell of a punch!

3. Riffles and modding

The new riffles that can be found in Far Harbor are so-so; it is the modding that makes them stand out. I highly recommend upgrading your individual modding perks before heading over to Far Harbor. If you have the right perks available to you, you can customise some of these new weapons into high velocity spitting monsters.

But, my best recommendation is to opt for Old Reliable, Old Reliable is a hugely powerful retro rifle that comes with a bonus shot.

I am not going to say anymore than that – it’s very awesome. Old Reliable can be found in Arcadia (I have already said too much).

2. Be charismatic

As I said before, the locals are not to be taken advantage of – they take no s*** and will dish out as good as they get. Don’t think you can sweet talk your way out of a situation here like you did back in Boston, oh, no. Without a fully decked out charisma tree, you will need to either take a few beers or chuck back a few chems to raise your ability to converse with the locals. If you want to get your own way that is.

1. Dive, dive, dive!

Get the dive suit. Again, don’t think, just do. This suit although old as hell will save vital time when navigating maritime locations (which you are going to want to do ;). This suit will save on vital XP, by buying this suit you eradicate the need to procure the Aquaboy/Aquagirl perk.

There you have it – my tip checklist for Far Harbor. Get the above done and you will be king of the bay in no time. Far Harbour is a brilliant addition to the Fallout universe and one that I will be enjoying for many more weeks.

Far Harbor is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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