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So you like fighting games, right?

Who doesn't?!

Based on your answer to the above question, you may or may not know that Bandai Namco Entertainment will this year be publishing yet another addition to fighting game series based on Dragon Ball Z; the beloved manga-adapted anime that many of us fondly remember from our childhoods (and some of us binge-watch late at night, covered in flapjack crumbs in our early twenties).

A sequel to last year's amusingly titled 'Dragon Ball: Xenoverse' (Zee-noverse, gettit?!) DBX2 will see players create and customise their own fighter to battle their way through the major plot points of the anime, taking part in classic brawls between famous characters and most likely going Super Saiyan at every available opportunity (because who wouldn't?).

Super Saiyan Level 3 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Super Saiyan Level 3 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Whereas a new Dragon Ball game is an exciting prospect, there is no denying that the footage revealed in the above trailer as well as the 'protect the history of Dragon Ball' tagline both make DBX2 look remarkably similar to its predecessor; the basic concept of travelling through time to important points in the Dragon Ball sagas to engage in epic battles and stop the alteration of history was the entire plot of the first Xenoverse game, so will the sequel really be worth that new-game price tag?

Although the potential for repetitiveness does loom large in the DBX2 trailer, this may not necessarily be a deal-breaker for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise, as many of the video game adaptions of the acclaimed anime follow the plot of the series directly, with the main variations between games often being style of gameplay or simply aesthetic changes.

Previous Dragon Ball fighting games
Previous Dragon Ball fighting games

Dragon Ball Xenoverse did add 3D visuals and a role-playing aspect to the familiar fighting formula, which based on the footage above, the sequel is sure to retain, but with long-awaited fighting games like the console versions of Tekken 7 and BlazBlue: Central Fiction set for release this year, will Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 prove different enough from past DBZ games to make its way into your game collection?

Perhaps further details and gameplay footage will help determine whether DBX2 is worth the purchase, only time will tell; but after all, who doesn't like fighting games?


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