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Tyler Scott Sanchez

GameTrailers has been around for 14-some-odd years, and the official YouTube has garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. This February, GameTrailers founder Brandon Jones announced that the team behind the beloved website would be disbanded.

It was a sad few months for long-time fans and the entire GT team. Brandon eventually moved on to a new endeavor, Easy Allies, where he and the GT crew continue living out their passion for games and provide content for their loyal fans.

All seemed bleak for GameTrailers up until just last week.

GameTrailers founder, Brandon Jones, spoke up once again that GameTrailers isn't completely gone for good- IGN Entertainment has purchased the rights to the brand, URL, and YouTube channel / content of GameTrailers to continue its legacy.

IGN will continue to archive and post content to the GameTrailers channel. IGN's big goal with acquiring GT is to do what none of the previous owners could do with GameTrailers- get actual game trailers up on the channel. With a huge brand like IGN, GameTrailers just might make it this time!

GameTrailers fans, rejoice!

All of the original team's hard work is now paying off, and even though they're all off continuing their new endeavor with Easy Allies, GameTrailers is still here to stay!

What do you think the future of GameTrailers looks like? Will IGN give it the justice it deserves? I think that this was a great move for IGN and an exciting triumph for Brandon and the rest of the GT team.


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