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The past weekend was fulled with speculation because of a picture that was posted on Reddit that could be a promotional poster for Destiny's next Expansion. Although the original Reddit post has been taken down, many people have reposted the image and have created theories of what it might mean for the Destiny universe.

Destiny: Rise of Iron
Destiny: Rise of Iron

The picture above seems to be a promotional poster for 'Destiny: Rise of Iron.' It shows a familiar character that is in the game right now. His name is Lord Saladin, The Iron Lord. For those who are not familiar with him, he is an NPC in Destiny that host the monthly PvP event known as The Iron Banner. He gives players bounties and sells weapons and armor that are related to the event.

Three Guardians wearing Iron Banner gear.
Three Guardians wearing Iron Banner gear.

The poster also shows Lord Saladin holding what appears to be a Battle Axe that is on fire! He is also surrounded by a pack of wolves. In addition to that, Reddit user /Fuzzle_hc has found evidence that the wall is actually the wall that you first see when you are resurrected by your ghost.

Two sources familiar with Bungie confirmed the authenticity of this poster to Kotaku a few hours after the Reddit post was taken down. In the past, Kotaku has reported leaked information about Destiny that has been defended by their sources and have been proven to be correct. According to Kotaku, the Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new Fallen themed raid and will be larger than the two year-one DLCs; The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

For theories on what this DLC holds please go check out MoreConsole's video about the Rise of Iron.

What do you guys think? Is this a legit poster or a really good fan-made hoax. For more information on Destiny and other video games follow MoviePilot as well as my page here.


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