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Riot used to wait until the end of the League of Legends season before laying down major changes to the game, but not this time. This year's Midseason patch 6.9 brought item revamps, mage makeovers, and map monster mayhem worthy of any end of year design overhaul. Now that we've had a few weeks for the changes to settle in and patch 6.10 for the devs to tweak a few knobs to fine tune the mage rework, it's time to check out which LoL Champions have the highest win rates in ranked play.

15. Ahri

This midlane mage didn't get any changes with the Midsummer patch and honestly didn't need any. A long time solid performer, she is fun to play, easy to learn, and has amazing AOE burst damage. What more can you ask for?

14. Zac

This tank has great dive ability to set up team fights, solid sustain if he picks up his blobs, and all his damage abilities have area-of-effect damage built right in. Play him top lane to bully his opponent or roam in jungle to set up kills as necessary, he'll do you right either way.

13. Sona

A top support pick (other than Zyra at #4 who got a big boost in patch 6.9), Sona is all about anticipating which aura buff you're team is going to need right before they need it. Jumping into a team fight? Fire up the magic damage bonus aura, then the healing chord with the shield aura and when things go south, lay down the crowd control ultimate to buy time and let loose the speed boost aura to get everyone to safety.

12. Sion

This undead juggernaut dominates top and jungle positions with his multiple slows and knockups. His ultimate allows him to charge in at high speed and his other abilities keep the enemies from getting away.

11. Wukong

The Monkey King is a popular jungler due to his kit making him the perfect ganker of midlane mages. His E is an easy gap closer with a low cool down, he has no skill shot, and if things go bad he has both a built in stealth ability and an AOE ultimate. He also makes a solid top laner if that's your preferred position.

10. Brand

Brand was fairly unremarkable until patch 6.9, but now he's tweaked into an AOE fire starting midlane beast. His stun will keep enemies locked down while his passive chips away at their health bar until you hit the stack limit of his passive and it explodes taking out a big chunk of their life and by then you've lined the rest of your abilities to burn them down to dead. NEXT!

9. Anivia

This champion has always been good, but she got some tweaks with 6.9 that has turned her into a powerhouse. Her slows and stuns got turned to 11 and she's been dominating midlane with a vengeance ever since. She still takes time to master, though so taker it slow until you get a feel for her kit

8. Sejuani

With slows, stuns, and knock ups as well as a built-in flash with her Q, this tank is a great initiator that can come out of nowhere to start or end a fight. She's the go-to jungler for crowd control goodness, just play her cautiously in the early game.

7. Skarner

One of two unpopular but high performing junglers on this list, he is unexpectedly strong and not many players know how to counter him. He has quite a few crowd control options and his ultimate can drag the enemy out of position for your team to take them out. No waiting for your opponent to make that mistake!

6. Galio

The other unpopular, but high win rate jungler pick, Galio is also a solid top laner and can carry midlane as well against mages in the hands of a skilled player given his unique kit.

5. Malzahar

This midlane mage is another happy recipient of major tweaks in 6.9 and saw his popularity spike. His wave clear, his laning and his counter-pushing are top notch and his 1v1 is formidable due to his revamped ultimate. And who doesn't love dropping an AOE silence when things go south in a team fight?

4. Zyra

Riot wanted to give Zyra more control of her plants and more presence in taking over an area with them. The tweaks they gave to her kit in the Midsummer patch did just that and now she's a midlane and support monster. Her high burst damage and high sustain, not to mention her ability to disengage an entire team fight with her ultimate makes her an asset to any team.

3. Volibear

A snowball in either top lane or the jungle, this polar bear is one of those champions that is strong in the early game as well the late. His W does more damage the less health the opponent has and puts out some of the highest damage in the game early on. And the combination speed boost and position flip of his Q makes him a deadly jungler. It's hard to go wrong with this furry beast.

2. Swain

The tanky raven mid lane mage got some minor tweaks in 6.9 but that was all it took to boost him to the number two slot. With his E now pumping up his damage by 20% across the board all he needs to do is survive the early game long enough to become the damage over time maniac that heals himself while he eats away at his enemy's health that he is destined to be.

1. Amumu

The top performer since patch 6.9 is not a mage at all, but the Sad Mummy himself, Amumu due to his continued strong jungling and dominance of top lane. A solid tank with good crowd control, Amumu is a roaming threat that can't be ignored. His area of affect damage abilities adds to his wave clear and his ultimate can initiate fights. What more could you ask for?


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