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Excellent adventure, albeit imperfect. "The male version of Lara Croft" - that such a title was in Uncharted at the beginning of his path. Yes, it was a regular in many third-person shooter, puzzles and climbing. But it is the story and the characters really catchy. Secrets of Francis Drake and Eldorado, that is what captures and excites. And yet, the first part in terms of history, or more precisely, its supply was non-ideal, it was the touchstone for a new on Naughty Dog territory. But the public's liking the game. Although SONY did not apply to Uncharted with due seriousness, yet been received go-ahead for the development of the second part.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has turned out surprisingly well-balanced and lively game. Although it has not been without its problems, this project for a long time gained the title of the best PS3 exclusive and one of the best games overall. Everything worked in the first part, did even better, everything was broken and needs to be expanded, repaired. Doing a great job on the bugs, Naughty Dog to create a solid and masterful work. But what there was a great scene in the train, which did not say just lazy. The development of relations between the characters and the behavior of these characters in the cut-scenes - it already was real gold. Great action adventure, in which not only interesting to shoot, but also to look at what is happening - it is such a project all lacked.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - the most advanced technical and gameplay side of the series at the time of its release, a great level of performances, the actors and serve. The episode with the fall of the aircraft is beyond praise, as well as the subsequent way through a sandstorm. History catches, as well as the last time. All these elements together create a solid structure ideal that generated the great moments and emotions throughout the game. An interesting story was not just another mystery, but also the history of the characters. And then, as softly and succinctly Drake and Elena finally finished their way to each other, could not leave indifferent fans of the series. After making a splash, getting all sorts of 10/10, Uncharted left a well-deserved, but as many suspected, short, vacation. After all, the story was not over Drake. Then we did not know how or why, but I felt that there are gaps to be filled.

The new part of the series just had to happen for many reasons: to t banal commercialism, to quite good. It was necessary to complete the story of Drake. And in 2013, the world saw the first teaser of the new part of Uncharted. The game has been slow to release, and transfers were personnel changes. In March 2014 he left the studio Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond - head writer and CTO respectively. Behind them walked away Nate Wells - creative director of the project. All this inspires some apprehension, partly they managed to dispel when it was announced that it is now for the development of the game meet game designers Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us Neil Drakmann and Bruce Streli. From this moment the draft Uncharted 4 stubbornly went to his release, along the way collecting different awards at exhibitions.

Neil Drakmann in an interview, said that after leaving Hennig plot and story have been completely rewritten and has changed the very vision of the project. It is difficult to say exactly what changed and what is left. But the course, which was eventually chosen, it seems to me, it was the most correct.

Talking about the plot of Uncharted 4 is generally cautious. There are very few moments and scenes that can be described, without spoiling the pleasure of a potential player.

Three years after Drake and Elena went to sunset at the end of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. They have been married, happy and solve the problem of washing dishes with the help of video games. Drake and Elena tied with dangerous adventures and both engaged in peaceful and legitimate work. And it is at this point declared "white spot" of the past Nate - older brother Sam, who was presumed dead. His appearance and request for assistance force Nate to take up the correct notes and gun. This starts a chain of events that will release the light old secrets and problems, check the strength of relationships in its most extensive and dangerous adventure.

When it comes of Uncharted, most importantly do not forget that in the first place is a story of love, friendship and family, and not only the history of the ancient ruins. It is the development of the three lines you expect from the game, and then - their smooth and logical symbiosis with the history of the ancient ruins and treasures. And the task of the fourth copes.

In Uncharted 3 has delivered great flashback from childhood Drake. In this part there are also similar episodes and how they are made, can outdo many modern games. Absolutely unsophisticated, making gestures toward the pair of well-known projects moments of childhood, its structure brothers and help feed feel these family ties, as well as shed light on the development of the characters and gradually lead to the main plot.

There is another flashback, this time with more older brothers, not only important for general history, but also shows the missing elements of the puzzle, which at the time of its conclusion clearly shows why Drake became exactly the way we see it in the first part. Moreover, it is very logical to explain why the hero for three pieces emotionally evolved that way and no other.

Thanks verified history and its pace, Sam, a completely new and unfamiliar character begins to appear in the same family and indispensable as Sully and Elena. Of course, it will not please everyone. In fact, it is largely anti-Nate, and in some moments - Nate longer than the Nate. In any case, the chemistry between the brothers turned out amazing. I am somewhat surprised that this has been achieved with the effect of just one part. But Victor Sullivan is still the same great character and a great balance of their relationship with Nate in the third part just increased greatly and brought to perfection.

But no matter how much was great chemistry between Nate and Sam / Sally, it does not go to any comparison with what is going on between Drake and Elena. So believable pair within the video game has ever had. It is very difficult to convey in words the level at which working relationship of the characters. You just believe it. Passing sentence, the construction of dialogues and monologues, a variety of small things create an impressive result.

Although the writers work is beyond praise, all this would not have worked without the actors' voice, and part-time actor mo-cap. Nolan North, Emily Rose, Troy Baker, Richard Mc Gonagall and others - their game and voice literally infuse life into the characters. A striking level of graphics and animation makes everything that happens real as ever.

Below I will come back to the history and excitement of it, but it is necessary to talk about the technical side of the game, the visual and gameplay. And then, for the first time since the existence of the series, I can say that the gameplay in the game honed at 100%. I have no complaints.Weapons in the game are not so many, but each has its own pros and cons.

Simple and clear stealth system that can be used effectively and successfully place stuffed with enemies location. Melee, built on two buttons, and the use of environment - simply and easily, and above all spectacular. And, of course, acrobatics and climbing. Dilute the usual jumping on the beams and ledges of two new elements, a rope with a hook and steep slippery surfaces, the developers have created many exciting and adrenaline moments.

Another new element is the research trip in a jeep on huge locations, so transport is necessary not only for the steep chase from the trailer.

If a sober look at things, there is not much new, just most of the older developments are now brought to mind. And this is only playing into the hands of the project. When Drake climbs over rocks in the rain, it feels as good as the famous storm of the third part.

Or, for example, the famous scene with the burning and crumbling house - in the fourth part is full of similar to inflame and execution scenes. To avoid spoilers, I still will not name specific episodes. Shooting, plot, voice, and other elements of the game were brought to the potential at the moment of perfection. Before setting the level of perfection was brought absolutely everything. I just can not remember the game walk-through scenes or episodes. All findings, mechanics and other gameplay and narrative elements are mostly used throughout the game. Sometimes mixed, sometimes separately, with ozdavaya more impressive or exciting scenes.

Anyway, every time work and complements the overall picture. And the picture that is drawn from all available skills. Uncharted 4 at the moment - is the most beautiful game in the market. And it's not just textures, polygons, and so on. Primarily, the art direction and each location, Together with the animation it elevates Uncharted 4 on top of the podium visual honor.

As promised, back to the history and excitement of it. In the fourth part, it seems to me, the most interesting and the most humane game. Or rather two of them, and each of them is real. Technical features of the game, which I have mentioned above, allow to believe in the characters that you see for the first time. When it comes to Helena, or Drake, all can be attributed to the fact that they are with us for a long time, and are already familiar. But as new characters are seen, such as Ralph, for example, this can not explain. And it is very important for the ending of the story.

Naughty Dog looped history Drake, starting it back in 2007 on a tropical island with a secret pirate's bosom, the same story, and graduated in 2016.

The closer to the finale, the more clearly audible fanfare farewell to Nate. And when it seems that the heat can not be above happens, "the final battle with the boss." And this is the simplest and most impressive battle Drake. Fire, blood and gold. Is not it great completion?

The game has 23 chapters and an epilogue. In this epilogue disclosed the whole essence of years of work Naughty Dog on Uncharted. It is simple and intuitive, places all points over for all the characters and let Nate deserved rest. But saying goodbye to Drake, developers and winking subtly hinted yes, Drake left, but his case there is someone to continue.

Uncharted 4 is a project in which Naughty Dog have accumulated all their years of experience and created an incredible game. It works absolutely everything built into it the idea that creates unique in all aspects of the project. At the moment it is one of the best games - a complex, intelligent ,interesting, balanced and other positive adjectives that somehow sounded in the text.

Completion stories Drake drew a line and console exclusives. Not only competitors, but also the Sony will have to strive for a certain level of quality. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the best and the best exclusive Uncharted for PlayStation consoles.


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