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There is a guy out there that is beating Dark Souls 3 using only his sweet ass dance moves. Is Jason Derulo a gamer?

The task of beating a Dark Souls game with unconventional tools or in unorthodox ways is almost a sport within itself online. Dark Souls in particular is renowned for being soul shreddingly tough to complete. The games have an uncanny ability of shattering even the calmest of person’s inner peace - but in the best way. The challenge to beat the game is so fierce that it becomes personal – forsaking all real world events until the game is done.

In the past we have seen players beat the early editions with guitars and drums but this new guy is something else. He must have the moves of Jagger and then some. YouTuber Rudeism is a regular Travolta trotting hero – he has taken it upon himself to take on Dark Souls 3 using only a Dance pad.

Quick feet and a lot of patience have seen this talented YouTuber make his way through the entire first quarter of Dark Souls 3. The video below is an example of Rudeism taking on a big boss battle. According to the creator it only took him ‘30 attempts’. Takes me more than that using the controller!

He has vowed to keep us updated with his progress. Will he make it through the entire game? Time to start taking bets. I think it’s fair to say that this is a heck of an achievement and even if he doesn’t make it all the way through at least he will be the fittest gamer on YouTube.

Will he make it all the way through Dark Souls 3 using only the dance pad?

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