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It's not like I've spent hours staring at my night-darkened ceiling contemplating the intricacies of Nintendo's greatest mascots' surnames. No, I usually use that time to imagine what it's like having the ability to fly. But the issue of the brothers Mario and Luigi's last names still does leave me feeling a little perplexed.

Is Mario's full name actually Mario Mario? Because, honestly, that would be as silly as it is amazing. The Super Mario Bros. movie pretty much coined that idea, but seeing as that idea is generally not considered canon this incoming fan theory's belief of why the brothers are known as the Mario brothers is pretty damn interesting. And sounds totally legit too.

Here we go!
Here we go!

Redditor wsw82 reckons the mystery behind their titles is due to the formalities of the Mushroom Kingdom.

One thing that's surprisingly consistent in the Mushroom Kingdom, is specific characters being named after their own species, with individual names being less common.

Toad of the Toads, Yoshi of the Yoshis, and any number of baddies are named that way. I think what may have happened, is that when Mario and Luigi first introduced themselves to the Mushroom Kingdom, likely to a group of Toads, Mario was the first to speak up and say "My name is Mario."

The Toads simply assumed Mario was his species name as well and dubbed the two brothers as Marios collectively. Hence The Mario Brothers.

Stupid, formal Toad
Stupid, formal Toad

See, not too bold is it? That'd be like us going up to a member of an extra-terrestrial race and being like "Hi, I'm Human. What's your designation?" But I digress.

In the comments of this particular theory, Redditor Thin-Man upped the ante somewhat when they discussed whether the Mushroom Kingdom's conventions for naming hail from a very familiar source:

Taking this further, could it be that residents of the Mushroom Kingdom use their species name first, and then their individual name after; much the same way that Japanese people use their surname first, and their given name after?

Or maybe having no surname is a barometer of badassery, like Pelé for example. He's pretty cool. I dunno...

What do you think?

Were the Mario brothers dubbed the 'Mario brothers' due to the formalities of the Mushroom Kingdom?

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