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From murders on the dance floor to ice cream truck rampages, the wonderful world of Hitman is brimming with absurd assassination opportunities. I recently rounded up the franchise's Top 5 Most Creative Kills, but it seems I spoke (wrote?) too early.

Youtuber TheKotti has adopted a laughably deranged murder method that appears to have come straight out of Kevin McCallister's anti-bad-guy handbook for home alone operatives. In what he proudly calls "my signature kill," TheKotti makes good use of Agent 47's remote explosives, cobbling together a homemade slingshot that transforms a safety aid into a deadly tool for destruction.

Behold... The Fire Extinguisher Catapult Technique

This improvised launcher works a treat on Hitman's first Parisian level, though I'm sure it's possible to replicate the same effect elsewhere.

Simply set your remote mines on the ground before placing a fire extinguisher on top of them, like so:

Wait for your target to get into range before detonating the mines. Triggering the explosives will send the extinguisher hurling through the air and, in this case, plummeting into a speaker rig, taking your target out in the plume of smoke before anyone's even realized what's happened.

It's as hilarious as it is effective!

I imagine you'd also be able to set up Agent 47's own personal skeet shooting range using the same technique... except with fire extinguishers doubling for clay pigeons. Pull!

What's your 'signature' Hitman kill?

[Source: TheKotti]


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