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Are you afraid of the dark? No? Well you should be. If you thought 2015 was a good year for horror games then just you wait. 2016 has some of the darkest most terrifying games in store for you. Lurking in the shadows of 2016 are some of the most horrifically disturbed games the industry has ever seen. From the bizarre to the bloodcurdling 2016 has it all.

Despite the delicious line up of games that released last year it was all overshadowed somewhat with the disappointment that surrounded the cancelling of Hideo Kojima’s, Silent Hills project. Fortunately, we had plenty more enthralling horror surrounding that omitted title to keep us from dwelling on it too much.

There will be no disappointment this year, I can assure you. Below is a list of the hottest horror games releasing this year – prepare to feel fear like never before!

10. Layers of Fear

Obsessed with creating the perfect piece, this artist is sent barrelling through the twisted corridors of madness and alcoholism. Jam packed with apparitions and haunting images this is one mind-altering horror experience. This P.T inspired horror is a first person ‘psychedelic’ journey into madness – this twisted tale drops the players into a never ending nightmare of obsession and tragedy.

From developer, Blooper Team we step back into the Victorian era as we try to make sense of insanity – with twisted fantasies and warped perceptions anything can happen in Layers of Fear.

Layers of Fear will release on Xbox One and PC later this year

9. Until Dawn (2): Rush of Blood

Hit horror Until Dawn dives head first in virtual reality. Titled, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood this new edition from Supermassive Games will be specifically designed for virtual reality. The game is based on the classic haunted house roller coaster ride and will have players jumping out of their skin.

It is a brilliant modern take on the classic horror experience – the game will still utilise the highly acclaimed butterfly effect used in the original and will still capture that old school horror feel that made the original so appealing.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood will be a Sony PlayStation exclusive and will release later this year. It’s behind you… No, really it is!

8. Alison Road

Alison Road is touted as the P.T that never was – the spiritual successor if you will. This first person horror is set within an old house in England, the player must explore the house in order to find the answers to questions that immediately become apparent upon starting the game. As the player ventures deeper into the house the weirder things become – after very little game time it quickly becomes apparent that you are not alone in the house.

It is a haunting tale in the absolute classic sense – you will be haunted by a disturbed apparition as you progress through the game.

The game will be time sensitive which is a nice touch, I thought. As the time ticks on and it gets later into the night the stronger the hauntings will become. Alison Road, coming from British developer Lilith promises to be the P.T of 2016.

Alison Road will be available later this year on PC.

7. Routine

A vision of the future from the 1980’s. Routine is a first person horror that looks to be fresh out of a past decade – albeit in incredible fidelity. Designed to emulate the vision of the future back in the 80’s this exploratory horror takes players away from earth and to an abandoned lunar base.

This ominous new horror plans to force the player to interact and fight against the horrors that await you – no running this time. Routine is an immersive almost claustrophobic horror that will tear your nerves to shreds.

Routine will release this year on PC

6. Abductions

A first person horror that is as disturbing as it is genius. Based on one of the oldest phenomena’s known to mankind, Abductions is based on the highly controversial premise of alien hauntings and abductions.

Taking inspiration from the real world cases of missing persons and bogus FBI cover-ups that occurred a few years back - which Hollywood have also picked up on (The Fourth Kind) - this new horror puts players in the shoes of a family that is beset by abductions and hellish alien encounters.

This is the real deal – Abductions takes players through the terror and maddening lives of those haunted by the lights above. A truly eerier horror that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, guaranteed.

5. Overkill’s Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a firm fan favourite for a few years now – Telltale's episodic portrayal of the highly popular Television series has been one of great acclaim. Overkill however, are taking the series in a new direction – this new game will be a new beast entirely. Overkill plan to take the game back to the roots of the original TV series. It will be a full on first person shooter set in an open world saturated with Walkers, thugs and cons.

Development has been kept real tight on this project so little is known about the plot – the likelihood is that it will share a lot of similarities with the show and that is something that excites me greatly. Form factions, build strongholds and dismember as many zombies as you can along the way – Overkill’s Walking Dead looks to be 2016’s most promising zombie horror.

The Walking Dead is set for release later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

4. We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a beautiful looking first person game coming from Compulsion games. This survival horror airs more on the survival side of the genre than many others on this list. The game looks stunning a prime example of what games built on the Unreal 4 engine can do. With visuals looking this good already I can say with absolute certainty that We Happy Few will be one of the most entertaining survival games of the year.

Set some time in the past the citizens of Wellington Wells are forced to take a drug called Joy – refusing to take this mind altering prescription our protagonist finds himself the target of the disturbed, face painted townsfolk.

We Happy Few will release later this year on Xbox One and PC.

3. Friday 13th Game

It’s the return of one of the world’s most iconic killers – Jason Voorhees is back! This truly is one of the biggest horrors releasing this year, Gun Medias return to Lake Crystal will be the bloodiest game to hit the market this year.

This exciting new title promises to bring the classic hide and seek type horror back to the sector. Jason will stop at nothing to hunt down and kill you as you desperately try to hide and go die. It is in essence a 1 vs 7 multiplayer game – set in a large scale environment. One player will take on the role of Jason whilst the others run and hide. Players must survive long enough to win the round.

It is not all hiding though, players can work together in order to bring Jason down, no mean feat but there are traps and weapons available if you are clever enough to find them.

Jason returns in Friday the 13th game in October this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

2. Pamela

Pamela is a first person, utopian survival horror that sees players immersed in a futuristic world. Players are dropped into an ultra-futuristic environment known locally as Eden. The player is linked to the city via a bionic right arm – through this interface the player is able to connect to the city in a similar vein to Mirror’s Edge.

The world in Pamela is extremely advanced but a new strain of a common virus has infected and trans morphed the local population. It is a game of experimentation and survival – use your cities technology against the virus and survive long enough to find cure.

What I especially like about Pamela is the environment – this is not a horror setting and yet that makes it even more eerier for me. The use of bright colours sets this game apart from almost all others in the genre. Plus, Pamela has the added bonus of giving players a unique and different gaming experience each time – there is no real protagonist to speak of – that is you – the computer randomly generates a character for you to embody.

Your customisation and progression shape the character. If, or should I say, when you die you have the option to embody a totally new persona or to continue with the one you have. Quite the niche they have developed over there at Unity.

Pamela is set for release later this year on PC.

1. Outlast 2

Officially, my number one horror pick for 2016 – Outlast 2 is taking us in an entirely new direction, the dark confines of the Asylum have been replaced by dark forests and ominous farmland. With the stench of murder in the air our protagonist must make their way through haunted fields and murderous cults if they wish to make it out alive.

This newest edition from Red barrels will utilise the same first person perspective that made the original so very special. The implementation of the now iconic green screen was instrumental in the acclaim received from the players. Outlast 2 will build on this premise and allow for even more terrifying encounters to take place.

Outlast 2 will release later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

2016 is the year for horror, no doubt. Player better be ready for the barrage of horror that is about to come their way – board up the doors and windows – fear is coming for you!

Which horror games are you looking forward to seeing this year? Did your most anticipated game make it onto the list?


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