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I can barely contain my excitement for the new mobile game coming from The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Go allows you to capture, battle, train, and evolve Pokemon that you capture in the real world all in the palm of your hand. The game is still in its beta phase, but we've been seeing (not final) gameplay footage popping up here and there. Otherwise, we Pokemon Masters have all been almost completely left in the dark about what to expect in this upcoming mobile experience.

In March, the official website revealed a few details about the game and even gave us some screenshots for context! Today, even more information dropped:

You can customize the way your trainer looks.

When you first start up Pokemon Go, you'll be able to choose the gender of your trainer and customize his or her looks with different apparel and accessories. Your trainer is viewable on the map as you're traveling, as well as on your profile page. Other trainers can see your trainer when they challenge Pokemon Gyms that you are in control of.

Challenge Pokemon Gyms and become the new Gym Leader!

There are three different teams that you can join after you reach a certain point of Pokemon Go. After joining a team, you will be able to place your Pokemon in empty gyms nearby or team up with another member of your team and put a Pokemon in their gym. Each trainer is only allowed to place one of their Pokemon in any particular gym at a time.

The Pokemon Gyms are in real-world, identifiable locations (similar to PokeStops). Each gym has a certain number of "prestige points" depending on how many battles the gym has win or lose. When the gym loses, it will lose points. To increase the prestige of your team's gym, you can use your own Pokemon to battle your gym's defending Pokemon. When the gym's prestige reaches zero, the trainer who defeats the gym will become the new Gym Leader, claiming that gym for their team! You can also team up with your fellow trainers to take down more powerful gyms.

You can use real money to make in-app purchases.

Even though Pokemon Go is free-to-play, the game offers perks to those who are willing to spend the extra buck. Players who spend money will receive PokeCoins, which is an in-game currency that allows the player to buy power-ups, items, and other kinds of goodies! Not much is really known about the in-app purchases yet, so stay tuned!

More Pokemon Go screenshots:

There's no set release for Pokemon Go, but I know I'm anxiously bouncing in my chair waiting for the news. Maybe we'll be surprised at E3? In the mean time, you can register to potentially be a part of the Pokemon Go field test if you live in the United States, Australia, or New Zealand!


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