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But The Dark Souls Series Is The Hardest!!!

Let's be honest here guys. Dark Souls has come and gone and if you are like me and love a frustrating, rage-inducing, but excellent dungeon crawler then you came to the right place my friend. What?! A game that "may" be on par with the greatest dying simulator ever? No way! The trailer is below.

Necropolis Is The Name, And Dying Is The Game

Wow, that was awful. I think I actually cringed at my own writing there. Moving on! Necropolis is a third-person, dungeon-delving masterpiece in the making! (We hope) The only way to escape the dungeon and beat the game is to go down further and further. What's great is the fact that every time you die, a new dungeon is created with new monsters, treasures, traps, and other wonderful things.

Oh, Did I Mention The Perma-death?

Right, right. When you die, you start over from scratch! A real bummer that one, or is it? With every death, you’ll improve your combat skills, get newly available upgrades, and learn dungeon know-how with every play-through. So it's not all bad! It will just make you crave getting to the end that much more!

Don't Die Alone! Die With Friends!

The best thing about Necropolis is the fact that you can easily play along with three other buddies. Nothing is more fun then when you're slice n' dicing your enemies and all of a sudden you all fall into a pit of spikes. Rage through, praise, ponder, and ultimately explore and escape the insane world of Necropolis together with your buddy ole' pals.

Why Not Take A Gamble?

When it comes to trying new games, don't we always take a gamble? Why in the world would someone not want to try this amazing looking game for the impressively low price of $29.99 for a pre-purchase? I know I sure as hell am going to! Knowing my luck it's going to be awful, and you all are going to look at me like


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