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Provocative, chaotic and outright awesome, Ubisoft's appearances at E3 have become the stuff of legends as of late, mainly due to us literally having no idea what to expect from the gaming giants. Maybe a new IP, maybe a taut sequel to a hit franchise or maybe some doctored video game footage, who knows!

That's one of the reasons why I'm heavily anticipating Ubisoft's press conference. I'm hoping for a nice little look at some new IPs and some sure-to-be-returning favorites. So come with me now as I speculate wildly over which games Ubi will be bringing to Los Angeles.

Ubisoft @ E3

What We'll Probably See

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

As it currently stands, Ubisoft are yet to reveal which games will be available to try out on the floor at E3, though it's assured that Assassin's Creed won't be making an appearance seeing as that's on a year-long hiatus.

But despite the lack of concrete news, I think it's safe to assume these titles may be making their well anticipated appearances at E3 2016.

  • Watch Dogs 2 - The first installment of Ubi's sci-fi, stealth 'em up was a brilliant idea on paper, but unfortunately the finished product didn't offer the revolution of video games its E3 demo suggested. But we can expect Ubi has listened to critics and will deliver a taut, action packed adventure via hacking this E3.
  • Tom Clancy's The Division - There's no denying that the massive New York-based MMOPRG has been Ubi's stand out hit of '16, so it shouldn't be a surprise if they rock up with new bits of DLC to parade.
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Ubi's ambitious co-operative, open-world, action caper got our mouths watering when it was revealed last year, so here's hoping we get the chance to hunt down drug cartels on the shop floor this E3.
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Possibly my most anticipated game on this list so far, any news regarding the impending sequel to the brilliant Stick of Truth would be very, very welcome.
  • For Honor - How about this outrageous sounding mix up of multiplayer and melee combat? Announced at E3 '15 with a crazy cinematic trailer highlighting intense battles against knights, samurai and vikings this has to be touching the floor this year.
  • Far Cry 5 - Just because the Assassin's franchise is having a well earned sit down for a while doesn't mean that Ubi's other flagship IP will be hanging back too. I think we can expect to see a glimpse of a new Far Cry this E3. Or maybe a little Blood Dragon sequel action...?
  • A Whole New IP - And no E3 would be complete without Ubisoft showing off a completely new IP. Hopefully something in the vein of Child of Light, 'cause that game was pretty sick!

What We'd Love To See

Please, Rayman! Please...

If you haven't noticed by now, I am quite the Rayman advocate. And if you've played last gen's Origins and Legends you'd know exactly why. With Michel Ansel's direction and the UBIart engine combined, Rayman's return to the hallowed halls of platforming bests was a welcome surprise. So here's hoping Ubi have another one in store for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and not just confine our armless hero to smart devices.

Ubi For Art's Sake!

Whilst on the theme of Rayman, the UBIart engine is an utterly sublime piece of work and has been used very sparingly by the devs (Child of Light, Valiant Hearts and Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets were the last titles to be built on the framework). So it would be amazing if they were to release a new AAA IP built on the beautiful engine.

Child of Light
Child of Light

Beyond Good & Evil 2, Perhaps?

The sequel to Michel Ancel's cult classic Beyond Good & Evil has been floating around in the maybe tank for years now, and still we're not really sure whether it'll ever be gracing our consoles and PCs in the near to distant future. Rumor had it that Nintendo had stepped in to continue development with an eye to having the long-awaited title as an NX launch title. That's one way of marketing an irresistible console!

Assassin's Creed Jumps Into Action

And surely Ubisoft will use their keynote to give us a tiny glimpse at what's in store for next year's return to the rooftops of history. Maybe even some more footage from the AssCreed movie?

What would you like Ubisoft to deliver?

Ubi's E3 2016 conference will be at 1pm PT/4pm ET/9PM UK on Monday June 13th .

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