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It has been reported to both Polygon and Kotaku that Microsoft currently has two new consoles in development. It has also been confirmed that one or maybe even both will get announced at this year’s E3 conference.

One console is rumoured to be the new Xbox One (.5) mini and the other to be a brand new adaptation of the Xbox One with quadruple the power of the original – otherwise referred to as the fabled Xbox One Scorpio.

The Xbox mini is the more likely of the two to be revealed at this year’s E3, with Sony flaunting the inevitable announcement of the PS4 Neo, Microsoft have apparently been working overtime to counter the rival consoles prowess. The Xbox One mini will apparently be 40 percent smaller than the Xbox One, boast an upgraded GPU and come with 4K output capability.

This new system will also come with new controllers specifically adapted for the inclusion of VR and focused gameplay. It has not been announced yet but my personal theory is that this will release under the official name of ‘Xbox One Mini Elite’.

The idea is that this machine will have the power to rival the PS4 Neo and not allow Sony to take another step ahead of Microsoft. The other console however is something different.

The Xbox One Scorpio was rumoured to exist a few months back but has been quickly skirted over by Microsoft whenever mentioned. The recent reports however have apparently confirmed not only its existence but some of its internal capabilities.

Why two consoles?

To cover all bases. The Scorpio will be Microsoft’s midway point between generations of console – the Scorpio will, in effect, be Microsoft’s stepping stone into the Xbox Two. The Xbox Scorpio is slated for launch sometime late in 2017 and will lord over its predecessor harnessing four times the amount of power to that of the Xbox One.

The overall aim will be for the Xbox Scorpio to surpass the output and process power of Sony’s PS4 Neo. The battle for the best fidelity in today’s market is one that Microsoft have admitted that they are losing. The PS4 consistently betters the Xbox One in frame rate and overall processing speed – not by much but according to the figures the PS4 does clinch it by a whisker.

The figures

The PS4 peaks at 1.84 teraflops compared to the Xbox Ones 1.32 – the PS4 Neo aims to peak at 4.14 but the Xbox Scorpio will boast a massive peak of 6 teraflops – that’s four times faster than the original Xbox One. The Scorpio will be a much more powerful machine than the PS4 Neo if these reports are to be believed in their entirety.

All reports have been corroborated by various separate high profile publications and this is looking to be pretty serious stuff for the upcoming show. Just last week Microsoft teased the biggest E3 ever for Xbox fans - Programming chief, Larry Hryb stated that this year’s event will be the ‘best week ever’ for anyone that owns an Xbox.

At the time it was assumed that Hryb was referring to a new hardware reveal but we never imagined two new console reveals. Maybe this truly will be a week to remember.

What with the prospect of PS4 Neo, Xbox One Mini, Xbox One Scorpio and even the long shot reveal of the Nintendo NX, this year’s E3 could truly be the biggest, craziest show we have ever seen.

Rise of the machines or what – all we need now is for Skynet to announce the reveal of the T-101.5 model.

Are you ready for a new Xbox One already?


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