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Overwatch has been a gaming revolution - a movement almost. The characters are diverse, brash and full of swagger. Every character found within the game is totally unique, each with their own distinguishing personalities and personas. From the sexy to the ferocious, Overwatch provides one of the most diverse universes for Cosplay to immerse itself into.

Overwatch provides the world of Cosplay with one of the biggest and most beautiful assortments of characters. With characters ranging from the colossal to the tiny – in Overwatch, there is a character for everyone.

Overwatch was responsible for smashing the all time beta participation record last month with a whopping 9.7 Million players logging onto play this visceral smash. Overwatch is breaking all kinds of records across the gaming sector, but what about cosplay?

In short, Overwatch wins at cosplay, every time! These guys nailed it – take a look.

12. Tasha - Tracer

11. Bloodraven - Reaper

10. Amaberius - D.Va

9. Shellshocked Cosplay - Zenyatta

8. Pennstate67 - Roadhog

7. Vera-Chimera - Tracer

6. Aza Miyuko - D.Va

5. Jechts - Zarya

4. Tomatron5 - Hanzo

3. Hiluvia - Symmetra

2. OshleyCosplay - Mercy

1. Unknown - Widowmaker

Absolutely breathtaking, the attention to detail here is incredible. With examples like these it is no wonder that cosplay is fast becoming one of the world’s most fashionable fan-centric past times.

Who is your favourite Overwatch character from the above selection?

Source: Kotaku