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Tyler Scott Sanchez

Just recently, we here at Now Loading held a Facebook Live stream and played some Overwatch, and we asked the viewers to send us hilarious Overwatch jokes and puns to win a download code. Oh man, the puns that ensued were just too good to not share. Here are some of the Now Loading team's favorite puns from the live stream.

Let it go, Mei...

That's in-tents.

Why does Pharah have a crush on Roadhog?

*facepalm lol*

I can't recall laughing so hard at a pun.

*spit take*

The taste you can see!



We have a winner!

Please excuse me while I dry my eyes from laughing until I cry at these terribly amazing Overwatch jokes. Leave a comment down below if you've got some good ones to contribute! You can never have too many puns in your life!

Congrats to Abdul Aziz for winning the Overwatch code! Make sure you guys like the 'Now Loading' Facebook page so you don't miss the weekly live streams!


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