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Overwatch, the brand new game from Blizzard Entertainment, has quickly gathered tons of fans from around the world (After all, more than 9.7 million players participated in the open beta!). One reason the new title is so popular is the range of heroes available to play as. Some require lots of careful strategy and landing skillshots, but many offer a simpler experience without being any less fun.

If Overwatch is your first time picking up a first-person shooter, here are six heroes that are easy to play. With them in your back pocket, you’ll be helping your team to victory in no time!

1. Reaper

Reaper is one of the most straight-forward characters for offensive play. His dual shotguns are pretty forgiving in terms of precision aiming, and his Wraith Form ability turns you immune, which lets you get out of dangerous situations. Plus, between his Death Blossom super ability shouting “Die! Die! Die!” and his John Woo-style reloading animation, Reaper will make you feel like an ultimate badass.

2. Pharah

Pharah is another simple offensive character. Her big perk is vertical mobility; her combat armor’s jet pack offers a tactical advantage, giving you a better view of the combat and a better angle for launching her various rocket attacks. The jets can also let you escape to safety on upper levels of the maps if there’s a nasty firefight happening on the ground. Or you can pop over an enemy and land behind them for a sneak attack. The options are endless!

3. Mercy

Mercy is a great character choice for a player who wants to ease into their first shooter. She does have a gun, but you’re unlikely to fire it more than a handful of times. Instead, you’ll more likely be using the Caduceus Staff. This tool can heal allies or increase the damage they deal. The core strategy with her is to stay behind your teammates and keep their health bars full, which is ideal when you aren’t quite comfortable in close quarters combat. Finally, she has the very impressive Resurrect super ability, making her a huge asset who can turn the tide on any battlefield.

4. Torbjörn

With his turrets, Torbjörn can actually get you kills from beyond the grave. If you find a good placement with this building character, your turret can mow down enemies while you’re still running to the fray. Use the hammer to upgrade it for more power, then run around doing damage with your Rivet Gun, which can alternate between long- and short-range attacks. He’s also able to make armor packs for teammates, giving them a health boost.

5. Bastion

Part of the appeal with Bastion, besides his adorable beeping noises, is his flexibility. He can transform between three modes depending on combat situation, and each of the gun styles pack a serious punch. His standard Recon mode is plenty powerful, but the Sentry status makes him a stationary gatling gun. Torbjörn fans already know how powerful a weapon that can be. Then there’s his super power, Configuration: Tank, which turns him into a mobile cannon. He’s also got a large health pool and can heal himself with Self-Repair, which lends extra survivability in fights, perfect for a newer player.

6. Reinhardt

One look at Reinhardt shows that this guy means business. His big size and heavy-duty armor are key for his roles in melee combat and a defending teammates. Reinhardt works with a Rocket Hammer, swinging at close range as a standard attack or knocking down and damaging enemies with the Earthshatter attack. Opting for a melee character can be a good option for those newer players who don’t feel confident with aiming an in-game gun, or who don’t have the confidence in strategy to avoid getting surrounded by enemies. In addition to the hammer swings, Reinhardt also has a Barrier Field that can soak up a huge amount of enemy damage. Keep yourself and your teammates safe as you accomplish objectives.


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