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We've all got those friends that love video games and play them 24/7, maybe you are one of those people; and it's not a bad thing either, I'm one of those guys too! Have you ever stopped to think "What type of gamer am I?" and if not don't feel bad. I didn't even know there were types of gamers until just recently. For those of you that do know, that's great! If you don't, I'm going to map out the 9 different types of gamers so you know exactly who you are!

The Competitor

I don't know about you guys, but my friends and I love sports games. Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K, Fight Night; if it's sports we will play it. The only thing is we get way too competitive and actually crown the best player in the house by doing a best of 3 series. We all play sports games, not for the fun, not because we actually play the sport in real life, but because we want to be better than any other player playing. That is the competitor.

The Achiever

You may be wondering what the difference is between a competitor and an achiever, and there is a subtle difference, but a difference none the less, and I'll give you a great example of my roommate to explain it. One of my roommates plays iPhone games all the time, in class, in the car, on the toilet, if there is down time no matter what he'll be on his phone playing none other then Marvel Contest of Heroes. The game consists of gathering up as many different Marvel superhero characters as you can and fighting people in the area. He plays not only to be the best, but he has to be ranked number one out of his friendship group. Any game he plays he has to have the high scores, and if he doesn't achieve it, he plays until he does. That is the achiever.

The Joker

The best way to describe the joker gamer is to talk about my older brother. Now he's not the biggest video game fan, and he doesn't play very often, but when he does play it's for the social aspects of gaming. Just to have fun and socialize with my friends. He'd probably never play by himself, but if people are gathered around he will, and that's the joker.

The Collector

If any of you guys have played the Batman Arkham series, you'll get this example instantly. So in the game the main objective is to beat the storyline/campaign mode, but there are also side missions that give you attributes and collect player cards. The collector is the dude that has to complete all the side missions and collect all the attributes and player cards; me on the other hand, I play the story mode and I'm good to go.

The Director

The best way to describe this type of gamer is to talk about one my roommates again. This particular roommate is the guy you see in line at GameStop waiting for the clock to hit midnight so he can purchase the new Call Of Duty game. Every year like clockwork. One of his favorite features in the COD game is zombie Nazis. What he loves more than anything is have me and our other roommate (who are absolutely terrible at anything first person shooter related) and direct us around and arrange everything on the map. The director is a gamer who loves to orchestrate events in the virtual world and simply loves being in charge.

The Performer

The performer is pretty straight forward like a lot of the rest of these, but I actually can't say I know any performers personally. The performer simply plays to show off to others what they can do. They may be an unbelievable fighter in Street Fighter so they'll show their friend all the combos and moves he knows.

The Storyteller

The storyteller gamers are the ones who usually love games like Skyrim, and The Shadow of Mordor, games witch rich gameplay. The storyteller gamer just loves to create his own world and narrative within a virtual world, more than any other gamer would do.

The Explorer

The Explorer is a great example of the type of gamer I am when I play a game like Skyrim. The map on a game like Skyrim is so vast and has copious things to find, and fight and discover. I find the joy in discovering things that no one else I know have found in the game, and that is an explorer gamer.

The Craftsman

The craftsman is probably the gamer that I personally am furthest away from. This type of gamer finds the joy in building, solving and creating things within the game.

If you're reading these different types of gamers and think you're multiple, thats pretty common! You don't have to just be one, people change types between games all the time. Hopefully this article helps you identify what type of gamer you are and what type the people you are!

[Source: GCN]


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