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Just last week, Fallout 4 was brought back to life with Far Harbor, the game's latest add-on. If you had finished the main story, the side quests, and Automatron (the first add-on for the game) things seemed to get boring and bland afterwards. There's only so much you can explore and only so many Deathclaws, Super Mutants, and Raiders that you can kill before it gets a little old. But now, we have Far Harbor and, according to Bethesda Game Studios, it's the biggest DLC land mass they have ever made.

But how else can this game (or a future game) be improved? Well, there's no easy answer to that. While Fallout 4 was and is a fantastic game, it contained far too many bugs and glitches -- far too many for a game that had been in development since 2010, at least -- so refining the next game or add-on is an obvious choice, but what other features do I want to see in future Fallout installments?

1. Fallout 4 DLC to a non-Commonwealth City

If we're following what previous Fallout games had done with add-ons, then a trip to another region in the Commonwealth looks to be planned. While Far Harbor does take you away from the immediate area, Fallout does have a history of taking the player to multiple, brand-new, immersive locations.

Zion, Honest Hearts DLC, Fallout: New Vegas
Zion, Honest Hearts DLC, Fallout: New Vegas

So, where should we go? There's no easy answer to that, either. Fallout 3 went to a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh and pre-war Anchorage and Fallout: New Vegas took us to Mount Zion National Park and Big Mountain, both games with very different DLCs. (Note: Fallout 3 had three other add-ons, while New Vegas had two others; those are just my favorite ones.) A new perhaps? A city like Providence, Rhode Island would be perfect for another add-on.

How does Providence fit into Fallout 4, though? Well, there's multiple ways Bethesda could make it work, but there's two specific ones I like the most: an Italian Mafia story or an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired story. Providence does have connections to the mafia and Fallout 4 does introduce a mafia-esque tone in cities like Goodneighbor. Lovecraft was born and died in Providence, and we've already been exposed to a few Lovecraftian-inspired questlines and locations in Fallout 3 and 4. Just think about it: fighting a Lovecraftian sea creature with a lasers and mini nukes whilst on your trip to Providence would definitely be loads of fun.

2. Fallout 4 DLC that brings back the Enclave

Something was missing in Fallout 4, and it almost seemed a bit empty without it. The Enclave had been in every Fallout game, except for Fallout 4. Personally, I liked the idea of the Enclave joining forces with the Institute. While both had these ideas of bettering humanity and rebuilding, they didn't necessarily have the best methods or ways of going about it. I'd also liked the idea of a rematch between the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel, and seeing how they'd react to each other being in the same area again would be interesting.

Where does the Enclave come from, though? Though this could be deemed un-canon to the series, the Enclave did have a base in Chicago and did move east into the Capital Wasteland, so it's not much of a stretch if they did decide to move north towards the Commonwealth.

If they did move into the northeast, Maine (technically, Far Harbor is based on the Maine-area already) and Vermont could be locations for a secret base. Surrounded by the forests and possible-snowy conditions, nobody would know they were there. Then, out of the blue, John Henry Eden comes back to the Fallout world, but this time in a Synth body. Thus, a new chapter in the Enclave-Brotherhood conflict would open up for us.

A setting in Maine or Vermont would allow us to see new animals, new weather (maybe a nuclear winter and radiated blizzards?) and environmental settings, and new Power Armor mods provided to us by the Enclave. I'd also like to see more vehicles. The Brotherhood does have the Prydwen and Vertibirds, so things like refurbished pre-war tanks and trains would definitely be cool to see in the Commonwealth.

3. A New Vegas sequel

At first, I didn't like New Vegas. I didn't have a good reason for that, either. Nitpicky things were what caused my disdain for the game. Fallout 3 was the best one and caused me to rethink what video games were to me. But I played New Vegas and its add-ons again and I loved it. Honest Hearts was a very cool DLC to me and made me want to visit Mt. Zion National Park. What could it be about, though? I don't know. But I want the NCR back, and I want to go to the West Coast and see what the West Coast chapter of the Brotherhood is up to nowadays. As long as Obsidian Entertainment picks up this next title, I'll more than happy to play the game.

NCR Ranger and the "oasis" of New Vegas.
NCR Ranger and the "oasis" of New Vegas.

4. A Minutemen DLC

I loved Fallout 4. But it seemed empty and hollow at times. We knew a bit about the Institute and the Railroad. We're very familiar with the Brotherhood, but the newest faction, the Minutemen, was a cool reference to the Minutemen who fought in the Revolutionary War. There wasn't much to them, though.

They helped out in a minute's notice in 1776 (hence the name 'Minutemen') and do the same in 2287, but there's not much else to them. You're their general, yet you can't order them around. You can't promote them. You can't even customize their gear. So, what I'd like to see in a Minutemen DLC is the implementation of those things. Minutemen soldiers in Power Armor after the game ends and the Commonwealth is in your hands, squads protecting your supply lines, ranks in the Minutemen army, outposts and stations, or even recruiting more members in Diamond City. I want the power that should've come with the 'general' title.

Preston Garvey, the last Minuteman.
Preston Garvey, the last Minuteman.

If rumors are to be believed, Bethesda is going to announce another game at this year's E3 Conference and could be released as soon as next year (it's not Fallout 5 or Elder Scrolls 6). So, we'll have to wait just a few more weeks to hear what fabulous plans they have in store for us.

What would you like to see in the next Fallout DLC or series installment? Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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