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Sure, Overwatch has a full roster of 21 impressive and fun heroes. And yeah, you can have some incredibly satisfying kills in the game. But you know what the best part of Overwatch is? The destructible environment.

If you've played even a few games, you've probably noticed just how many objects in the game can be destroyed. Maybe you've even stopped in the middle of a run back to the field to shoot an air canister and watch it fly around — (though that's certainly not something I've ever done). No matter what your cup of tea, everyone can have some fun with Overwatch's environment. So today, we're celebrating by sharing the best of the best when it comes to objects that go boom.

Canisters Galore

You may have noticed that scattered throughout many levels are these combustible canisters. Sometimes, you'll shoot one and it will launch itself into a wall with little drama. Other times, however, the cans will spin, flip, and do all sorts of entertaining acrobatics once shot. The best? Shooting three or more at once and watching them all fly off in different directions.

A Buttery Mess

This next one might be a nightmare for anyone who's worked in a movie theatre, but for everyone else it's an explosion of buttery goodness. The popcorn buckets at the start of the Hollywood level not only send popcorn flying everywhere when shot, they also bounce all over the place. The trick is to shoot them twice — after all, you never want to forget the double tap, even with popcorn.

Property Damage

Ah, the arcade room of Hanamura. You never did anything to us except provide silly in-jokes, but you're still the most enjoyable starting room to blow to smithereens. What makes this one so fun is that there are just so many objects to destroy. The arcade machines exist in other maps, but never this many in such close proximity. That's why this starting room is one of the best.

Exploding Omnics

You may not have bothered with Training Mode if you were eager to hop right in and start playing. But it's worth checking out because it holds a secret: exploding robots. These guys are everywhere and the respawn pretty quickly. Plus, a well-aimed headshot will take them from 100 to 0 and the result is an explosion of metal and fire.

Look, I'm all for peace between Omnics and humans, but this one is just too much fun to pass up. If you've had a stressful couple of games (or if you're just bored), go take a couple dozen of these guys out. Trust me, it'll feel good.

The Damn Basketballs

Okay, so technically this last one doesn't explode. But with the amount of times I've tried to get a basket with these things, I kind of wish they would. Anyone who's ever played one of the levels with these basketballs has undoubtedly tried (or seen someone trying) to make a basket but likely without success. These basketballs make the list purely because of how impossible it is to avoid trying to get them in the net at least once...or twice...or maybe a third time, but that's the last time.

This list is just a starter, though; Overwatch has plenty more objects to interact with both before and during matches. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments below or make your own post by becoming a Creator for Now Loading.

Now go out there and shoot some things!


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